"Antman and the Wasp" the latest trailer released, the battle that changes from ant size to large giant revealed

Ali-sized minimal hero saves the earth in the micro world "AntmanContinuation of "Antman ant the Wasp (Antman and the Wasp)"The latest trailer of" It is released "has been released. From the smallest hero of the history of 1.5 cm to the super large giant state, it is becoming clear that the unique battle is spreading while changing the size as it is thought.

Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and The Wasp - Official Trailer - YouTube

"How long have you become an ant man again?" Asked the girl,Paul RuddScott Lang, an actor who plays.

"Saying anything, just ... ... It's going on," a bad reply.

Such Antman gianted and controlled the truck.

Even being targeted for life ......

I will kick a car and call you back.

"I am doing all the time."

"Someone needs a person to watch from behind? It's like a partner"

Wasp suddenly appeared from the back seat of the car.

With a cheap face with 'high!' ...

I will destroy the car gun.

It is Wasp who plays Hope Van Dyne in the "LOST" seriesEvangeline - Lily.

The scene changed and I was told excitedly "I heard your rumor", I played Scott's bad friend Ruiz even in my previous workMichael Peña.

In front of thatMichael DouglasHank Pim who is also the father of Hope, who is the scientist who plays.

Men says that technologies such as stealing Dr. Pim's technology and going through walls are being developed.

People who "get through the walls" ...

I make an attack on Antman.

However, it seems that some problem has occurred.

Antman and Wasp fight with teams.

Miniaturization by two people.

Because there are feathers on Wasp, it is possible to move by flying.

On the other hand, Anto Man runs through the ground.

Battle with human size ......

It suddenly became miniaturized. It looks as if it had vanished to the other's eyes.

Attack by returning size again.

Throwing a huge salt bowl ... ...

Enemies hit and fainted.

"She is more intense than I thought ..."

Anthan not able to fly is moving on insect's back ... ...

Gulls are targeted.

Smaller Wasp is aimed at life with a hammer.

Enemies pass through various obstacles ......

Attacks are accurately added only to the target.

Run through the road with a compact car. It is likely to be trampled by numerous cars ......

A big scream echoing "I do not want to die!"

"I'm dying !!!!!"

But when you press the button ......

A minicar running under the car ... ...

Huge. I pulled out the car that was on top of it with a pawn.

A man named "Hank's partner" appeared.

He says he has sized up to 21 feet (about 6.4 meters). "You?" Returned and ... ...

Scott returns as "65 ft (about 19.8 m)".

Hope that emphasizes "a size boast is over?"

In addition, Antuman and the Wasp will be released nationwide on Friday, August 31, 2018.

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