I ate the "Triple Sumida" Sticky Salt Hollow Bowl "with a total weight of about 800 g on a rice with salt sagger's hormone & pork belly + mushrooms at the Legendary Boniton

From the legendary donbutsu restaurant / traditional bowl of rice bowl offering plenty of meat-related menu, bonsai with salt garlic, salmon roe and vegetables added to swine hormone ""Triple Sumida" Sticky Salt Hol Don Bowl"Has appeared for a limited time from May 1, 2018 (Tue). Meat and roots, "Dalate salt"Stamina triple combo also blows "May Disease"!I actually ate what it is like a bastionful bowl of rice.

【Limited Time】 5/1 (Tuesday) Release ★ "" Triple Sumida "Sticky Salt Holbor" | Legendary Suta Bon noodle / Specialty Bowl of Shops 【Official Site】

Arrived in the legendary Sotabe restaurant.

There is a poster in front of the store to inform you of the appearance of a new menu with the phrase "Sticky rice!" Written. I ordered such "Triple Sumida" sticking salt bowl bowl "Normal" size (880 yen including tax).

I handed the food ticket to the clerk and arrived in Salt Hold bowl for about 5 minutes "Triple Satomi".

With miso soup ......

Raw eggs are in a set.

The bowl is deep, with about 3 cups of rice cooked and rice ingredients are served as soup. By arranging iPhone 7 with a long side of 13.8 cm, you can see the volume of volume. In addition, "Mini" size (730 yen including tax) is also available for those who have a large amount of "even" size.

On top of the bowl are swine hormone and pork belly and other meat together with salt sagging, and it is a cup that was finished to about 800 g in total weight including ingredients and rice. There is a spicy fragrance of pepper.

Not only meat ingredients such as hormones but also plenty of vegetables such as cabbage and chives.

I will try to eat raw eggs.

The brown pig hormone is soft and elastic, and overflows with umami with fat rich in vegetables. Salt sauce is a refreshing salty with thickening, the scent of pepper enhances appetite, but it does not feel spicy, and a discreet acidity is accented.

It is a pleasant place to enjoy two kinds of meat as pork loin is put on with hormones.

Fried vegetables such as cabbage and mozzy keeps the texture of Shakijaki while keeping the texture and it adds variation to the texture.

Between the rice and the ingredients is "Special Tatami Natro Rororu".

When you eat it with a goosee, plus a mildness, go into the stomach with a throat.

When raw eggs are mixed, richness can be added to change the taste. "Triple Sumida" Sticky Salt Holder Bowl was a bowl with enough volume to satisfy the hunger of an adult male without getting tired of it with eggs and eggs.

"Triple Sumida" Sticky Salt Holbore is a limited - time bowl until June 30, 2018. Please note that there are no handling in the Nakano Shimbashi store and Tomi - san 's store, Collective Saka SA (Down Line) shop, Shimizu PA store, Ario Feng Shop, Dream Town Hatsukaichi, Dream Town Hikari no Mori store, Yume Town Kurume shop .

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