I tried the "Meiji Essser Super Cup Sweet's Blueberry Cheesecake" which refreshed a fresh blueberry sauce with two layers of cheesecake ice cream

It is characterized by having plenty of ice cream in a cupMeiji Essel Super Cup"As Sweet's series"Blueberry Cheesecake"Has appeared on April 23, 2018 (Monday). It was an ice cream of layer structure and I tried eating items that sandwich blueberry sauce with two kinds of cheese cake style ice cream.

Ice like a cake with ice and materials overlapping "Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Blueberry Cheesecake" New release from April 23 | Press Release | Company Information | Meiji Corporation

I bought the Essel Super Cup Sweet's series 'Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's Blueberry Cheesecake' (238 yen including tax). Sweet's series is a series plus "high quality and sweetness" in the Essel Super Cup. The package has an image diagram of layer structure cheese cake sandwiched with blueberry sauce, letting you expect to enjoy more than one taste.

Types of ice creamIs the same as the normal Essel Super Cup "Lactoise", the raw material notation includes "blueberry juice", "flesh", "raspberry juice" in the column of blueberry sauce, and "cookie Can be confirmed.

The content is 172 ml, the energy is 254 kcal.

Remove the lid of the cup, the transparent film in the mouth.

In the film, there is a notice that "Please open slowly when opening to prevent the contents from scattering".

When opening the film as written, the surface is covered with granular cookie.

When you scoop ice with a spoon, ice cream with rare cheese cake appeared. When eating, a cookie with a smell like butter is a moist texture, with a sour taste combined with modest ice cream, a refreshing aftertaste. Because the sweetness of ice cream is moderate, I feel like Ice-drinking yoghurt ice cream rather than cheesecake, combined with acidity and aroma like dairy products.

As we continue to eat, blueberry sauce and yellow-colored lower layer baked cheese cake style ice emerges. Blueberry sauce contains 50% flesh of blueberries.

When you eat the blueberry sauce and the two kinds of ice together, the rich berry scent and the fruit acidity match the refreshing cheese cake style ice. The lower layer baked cheese cake style ice cream is somewhat moderate in acidity compared to the upper ice cream, but it is a bit disappointing that the presence is getting thinner than winning the flavor of the sauce. In other words, as the ice cream is refreshed, it is finished to feel the flavor of berries to its fullest.

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