"Drone" which delivers blood and chemicals from the sky is a big success in Africa

Attempts to greatly support medical treatment in Africa are being carried out by carrying blood and medicine with the drone "Drone". Medical goods delivery Drone seems to be greatly expected to greatly enhance "quality of medical care" in places where road traffic conditions are bad.

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Start-up based in California, USA · "Zipline"Is developing an autonomous flight drone in the shape of a small aircraft to carry medical supplies such as drugs and blood. The Zipline drone weighs about 25 pounds (about 11 kilograms) and is battery powered and can be launched using a special machine.

You can see how the Zipline drone is a tool by seeing the following movie.

Zipline - YouTube

The Zipline drone has a maximum flight speed of 80 mph (about 130 km / h) and can transport 4 pounds (about 1.8 kilograms) of blood or medicine supplies up to 50 miles (about 80 kilometers) away. In the destination, parchettes are used to drop the baggage and the Zipline drone can automatically return to the departure point.

Zipline Drone delivers medical supplies in Rwanda, Africa since 2016. In Rwanda there are many roads that are not paved, there are places where it is difficult to transport on trucks or take a long time. Therefore, even if it is necessary to transfuse, there are scenes that can not wait until arrival of blood. Zipline drone, which can deliver a relatively long distance in a short period of time in an environment where road traffic conditions are bad, is extremely useful.

Consumption deadlines have been set for not only chemicals but also blood for blood transfusion, and in places like Rwanda many medical supplies were being disposed of due to expiration.

However, Zipline drone operation has resulted in the reduction of waste volume of blood product by 95%, and it seems that it contributes to suppression of medical expenses.

Automatic delivery by drone is expected to be an effective solution for the transportation of medical supplies to isolated villages and so on. Zipline is participating in the FAA pilot program to practically deliver medical supplies by drone in the United States even in the United States, and it seems that Zipline is further refining drone's driving skill while responding to the American airline regulation.

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