The world's largest DDoS attack contract site "" is closed

DDoS attackIs an attack that disables access by simultaneously accessing the target service from a large number of machines and putting the target service overloaded. The Netherlands police announced that it closed the world's largest DDoS attack contract site "", which has been involved in more than 4 million DDoS attacks in the past.

Police Shut Down World's Biggest 'DDoS-for-Hire' Service-Admins Arrested

EuroPol releases the mechanism of "" attack in the image below. An attacker pays money at online payment service or virtual currency and asks "" to attack target service. "" starts attacking the target service. After that, the target service will be occupied by the access of "" all the maximum number of concurrent connections, and the general user will be inaccessible.

In November 2017 large-scale DDoS attacks targeting seven major British banks, government agencies and the game industry were done, but this attack was also reported to be "" It has been.

Activities called "Operation Power Off" led by the British National Crime Control Agency (NCA) and the Dutch Police Department, with the cooperation of the European Criminal Police Organization (Euro Paul) and 12 law enforcement agencies, are working on "" I succeeded in arresting six members who seem to be administrators. It has also been revealed that he arrested seven countries, such as the Netherlands, Italy and Spain, and users who frequently used "" residing in Hong Kong.

In addition, all servers of "" which were installed in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States were seized and when accessing the site at the time of article creation, a page showing that the law enforcement agency stopped service is displayed I will.

"" pays about 10 pounds (about 1500 yen) to the website, it operates a service that performs DDoS attack against the target, and it is reported that there were more than 136,000 registered users I will.

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