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While building or destroying the building, you can play a game that survives until the last oneFort Knight"Replay function" that can record your own play has been added in the update. At that timing, Fort Knight is on saleEpic GamesThere is a replay movie contest "Replay royal"Held. It is a topic that movies posted within them are as good as movies.

Watch this amazing Fortnite Battle Royale replay contest video - Polygon

The replay function of Fort Knight became available for update on April 12, 2018. Not only can you see the play of yourself and other players as a movie, but you can also set and edit the camera position, auto exposure, aperture value, focal length freely, and use the movie shot with this replay function Official contest is being held from April 13, 2018.

Replay Royal Contest

Among the works submitted to the contest, it is particularly talked aboutEnzaitThe following movie released by.

REVENGE - A Fortnite Cinematic #ReplayRoyale - YouTube

At the feet of a man wearing a circuit breaker costume ......

Remote control type C4 bomb.

A character in front of you is preeminent in awkward performance "Losing dog!"Dancing the dance... ....

The bomb switch is held on the right hand of the female character next to it.

The hero who was made a fool of being stupid in the lobby before the start of the battle will suddenly descend from the sky with the title "REVENGE (retribution)".

The man who got up on the hill looks so much that there are plenty of players in the building

One enemy soldier walks into the building.

The man gently shoots down and defeats enemy soldiers with a hand gun with suppressor ......

Charged by slipping through the bullets that fly as it is.

An enemy soldier wearing a tomato head chase a man ......

The man does not show a panic at all, he moves his hand as soon as he says "Bye bye".

When the tomato head gently looks up on a strange gesture of a man ......

There was a trap on the ceiling.

The man finally arrives at the opponent who bombarded himself.

The enemy is making a barricade of huge wood and appearing to stand up.

The man was wearing the same remote control bomb on the barricade as the one that was once set for him.

When the man who pressed the switch grasped on the right hand ... ...

The barricade is a big explosion. Taking the explosive on his back, the man starts walking while smiling with a smile and the movie is over.

While "Revenge" has a length of only 90 seconds, playing images with various angles are packed with careful editing, and although it is not a dialogue, it is as finished as a short movie. The overseas version of Fort Knight Official Twitter account also mumbles comments that praise and admire "Revenge".

Besides, many high-quality movies taken with Fort Knight's replay function under the hashtag of "#ReplayRoyale" are up.

For example, the following movie is made by tying a duo with a duo in a sweet and sour love story, which is also surprised by the high degree of completeness of the replay function as well as the completeness of the movie.

The MedKit: A Fortnite Love Story. #ReplayRoyale [Fortnite Movie] - YouTube

The following movies are those with a lot of action scenes, brilliant editing.

Wonderful World - Fortnite Montage #ReplayRoyale - YouTube

A movie making good use of costumes, buildings on the stage, emotions etc.


This movie of a title that I have seen somewhere is a movie with a prisoner who is descending from prison as a protagonist.

Prison Break - Fortnite #ReplayRoyale Submission - YouTube

A movie that wears a costume that seems to dance even now, and begins a compulsive dance with everyone using the boogie bomb.

#ReplayRoyale - Fortnite Battle Royale - YouTube

"Replay Royal" was held until 1:59 a.m. (Japan time) on April 27, 2018 (Japan time), and the winners will be announced on April 30 th. It is announced that grand prize winners are entitled to the right to have a 30-minute talk with the staff of Epic Games in addition to the latest PC, in-game items and original goods.

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