Finland's "Basic Income Experiment" suspended in December 2018

Even 560 euros (approximately 74,000 yen) is paid monthly to 2,000 randomly selected unemployed people, and even if the target workers work during the experiment, the fact that government payments are lost or reduced There is no ... ... a basic income experiment that the Finnish government has been doing since January 1, 2017. The Finnish government had hoped that employment will motivate unemployed people by basic income, but decided to suspend the experiment in December 2018 on the grounds that a new system is introduced.

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The Finnish government started a basic income experiment that will be held in January 2017 for two years. Basic income has not yet been demonstrated with sufficient effectiveness in the experiment, and many countries have paid attention as the first effort in the euro area.

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In the initial plan, the scope of the basic income was expanded in 2018, and general workers were planned to be covered. However, KELA researchers at the Finnish Social Insurance Agency office (KELA), looking at the situation so far, said, "By introducing basic income, such as urging workers to change jobs and receiving training and education for carry- We can not see the real effect. "

The Finnish government has already stopped the basic income and intends to move in a completely new direction and Mr. Misca Sima Nainen, a researcher at KELA, said, "The government has stopped basic income and started to introduce a new system" . Initially at the time the basic income experiment was decided, the experiment was internationally evaluated as "aiming at the cutting edge of social welfare."

However, professor Ori Kangas, professional expert on basic income said, "The two-year period is too short to draw conclusions from such large experiments, and you should spend time and money to get reliable results "It suggests that the judgment is premature. In addition to researchers, those who support the basic income system,TeslaYaSpaceXMr. Eilon Mask CEO,FacebookMany entrepreneurs such as Mr. Chris Hughes, who is a co-founder of Mr. Chris Hughes, says, "When considering that unemployed people increase due to labor automation, we need a minimum guarantee system based on basic income."

When the Finnish government announced the plan, supporters of the basic income had claimed that "we should target all the people of Finland", but the Finnish government has decided to target the subject of basic income to some long-term unemployed people Only. The Finnish government has argued that existing unemployment benefits are so expensive that it is the cause of the unemployed motivation to lower employment, and in order to raise employment motivation of unemployed people, part of long-term unemployed people We have examined the introduction of the basic income system for the subjects.

However, in December 2017 the Finnish parliament passed a new bill to increase unemployment motivation. In this law, unemployed people are requested to "work at least 18 hours of work or participate in a 3 month training program", and in the event that a job can not be found it is stipulated that if unemployment benefits are reduced doing.

The Finnish basic income experiment ended in December 2018, and the results of the survey summarizing the effect of introducing basic income are expected to be announced as early as 2019.

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