I baked Big Mac "Big Mac bacon" and "Big Mac BLT" with McDonald's baked fresh bacon for a limited time

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Big Mac birthday at the McDonald's signboard menu, the limited time Big Mac "Big Mac Bacon"When"Big Mac BLT"Appeared on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. I actually tried to eat the answer to the question of McDonald's "Is it a big Mac even if ingredients are added to the taste of tradition?"

"Big Mac" 50th anniversary commemoration of birth! | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's.

A banner is put on the shop to inform the emergence of the new Big Mac in the phrase "Major Incident of 50 Years". I will order "Big Mac Bacon" and "Big Mac BLT" at once.

"Big Mac bacon" and "Big Mac BLT" arrived in less than 5 minutes after ordering.

"Big Mac Bacon" (450 yen including tax) is the addition of 2 bacon grilled at the shop to ordinary Big Mac.

In order to compare the sizes, I ordered ordinary Big Mac on the right. You can see that the thickness is getting slightly increased by adding bacon and others.

Closing the top buns and the patties, there were two bacon grilled and grilled.

Patty 2 Big Macs are thick, it is a bit dangerous to lift with one hand.

When trying to eat, the bacon smoky scent and saltiness are added to the taste of patty using beef 100%, which is a dish that seems to have such a big mac as well. It is regrettable that it is a limited-time menu. However, if I say 60 yen up from Big Mac, I will step on my foot.

"Big Mac BLT" (490 yen including tax) added sliced ​​tomatoes to "Big Mac Bacon".

You can see that it is somewhat higher if you order the head home Big Mac.

In addition to the increase in thickness, it is slippery tomato that increased, further raising the difficulty of lifting.

The freshness and acidity of tomato will be added to the place where saltiness of bacon is added in "Big Mac Bacon". Bacon, lettuce and tomato are "BLT sandAs it is a combination of tradition as no complaints. A good combination that may include upgrading 100 yen from Big Mac.

"Big Mac Bacon" and "Big Mac BLT" are a limited-time menu scheduled to be available until the beginning of May 2018. You can eat at McDonald's nationwide except some stores.

In addition, at McDonald's in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Big Mac 's birth, she is planning to sell campaigns and collaborative goods that hit Big Mac source on Twitter. Please check the official website for details.

A new Big Mac and collaborative goods appeared! From Saturday, April 14 | McDonald's Japan

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