A fierce man appears to jailbreak the iPhone and remodel it so that a Pokemon battle begins when receiving a call

iPhone's "Jailbreak (Jailbreak)"Is a remodeling act to realize the level of customization ability and functions impossible with existing iOS on the iPhone. In recent years, the major jailbreak community has been closed one after another, and the user's attention has also diminished, but with the jailbroken iPhone I made a remodeling "Pokemon battle will start on the incoming screen of iOS" A user has appeared and is said to be "the most wonderful jailbreak case in recent years" from the international news site The Verge.

[Upcoming] PokeCall: Answer calls like a Pokemon master: jailbreak

This Pokémon incoming call tweak is the best argument for jailbreaking an iPhone in years - The Verge

When you receive a call, it flows when you encounter Pokemon Trainer with PokemonBGMIs ringing, Pokemon Battle starts, "PokeCall" Jailbreak application is a user of the overseas bulletin board site RedditFrozenPenguinToasterShowed off.

PokeCall allows you to check how the iPhone screen will look like when you receive an incoming call by clicking on the following image in the movie being played.

IPhone (left) and iPad (right) are prepared on the screen ... ...

I will make a call from the iPad to the iPhone.

Then, that BGM flowing "iPhone's screen blinking in black and white while a Pokemon battle starts when" Teretereretere ... ... "flows ... ....

"Frozen has taken a game!"

Then the opponent trainer will come up with a level 46 Rizzadon.

This is Level 52 Pikachu sent out. Options on the screen are "FIGHT (fighting)" and "RUN (flying)" ......

In the movie, tap "RUN".

Then I rejected the incoming call and returned to the iPhone's home screen.

In addition to rejecting incoming calls, you can answer the phone by tapping "FIGHT" at battle. In addition, developer Frozen PenguinToaster promises to be able to change the appearance of the trainer encountered by each contact. In the prototype version of PokeCall demonstrated in the movie, it takes some time for the answer / rejection option to appear on the phone, but there are buttons that allow you to select an answer / rejection of incoming calls instantly from the time of incoming calls, FrozenPenguinToaster wrote that it will be improved so that the name of the opponent will be shown.

In addition, from users of praise such as "A best idea ever!" From the user to the movie posted on Reddit, "incoming from numbers not in the phone book is perfect if it is a wild Pokemon" Frozen PenguinToaster, who is a developer, also shows an ambitious attitude toward further improvements.

Also, because I am using "TUCallCenter" as the telephone function and "SBInCallAlertManager" as the calling UI, "Android version is easy to create?" Android users were excited .

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