Workers at Amazon warehouse points out reporters who actually worked in the warehouse if they could not take even a toilet break

Amazon's warehouse boasts a vast area and many items are listed. When the user clicks the purchase button, the workers in the warehouse take out the merchandise and carry out processing from boxing to delivery 24 hours a day. Incidentally,Work environment in Amazon warehouse is toughIt is also known that the harsh reality is known, such as' strict punctuality ',' private word prohibition 'under the thorough efficiency principle, as well as labor' s rule of 'sec.' Is imposed. British journalist James Bradworth has worked in Amazon's warehouse for half a year and is reporting the actual condition of the harsh working environment.

Amazon workers pee in to bottles to save time, according to undercover investigator James Bloodworth

Amazon Denies Allegations About Inadequate Bathroom Breaks

Bradworth, who actually worked as a worker at Amazon's warehouse, said, "Amazon's warehouse staff are peeing bottles because the toilets are hundreds of meters away." The warehouse where Mr. Brad Worth was working seems to need to travel for a long time in order to go to the toilet depending on the area the worker is in charge of.

Amazon's warehouse where Brad Worth worked has an area of ​​approximately 65,000 square meters. Among the 1,200 workers working in this warehouse, Mr. Bradworth was in charge of the area on the fourth floor. The nearest toilet from this charge area is on the first floor and it seems that it was necessary to walk a distance of about 400 meters for about 10 minutes on one way to move to the toilet.

In order to ship goods from Amazon 's warehouse, Mr. Bradworth has been doing the picker' s job of taking out goods from the warehouse for 10 hours a day, walking a distance of about 16 km per day. In addition, the behavior of workers is monitored at all times, and it is said that it was in a situation that useless actions are not allowed for even one second. In addition, it seems that workers began to carry bottles for toilets in order to avoid being late as workers were educated that "excessive break time is an act meaning dismissal".

Amazon's spokesperson said about Bradworth's report on the actual condition of the working environment "Amazon has easy access to toilet facilities by all employees, and it is safe for thousands of people working in the UK We do not recognize that the person who investigated this time is not sure that he was actually working at Amazon and does not accurately describe activities within our building "I clearly deny it, I commented.

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