Headline news on April 16, 2018

Sony Mobile has introduced a smart phone flagship new model "Xperia XZ2 PremiumWe announced.

Xperia XZ2 Premium - Official Website - Sony Mobile (Global UK English)

Specifications are as follows.

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform
Memory: 6 GB
Storage: 64 GB (+ microSDXC up to 400 GB)
Body size: 158 mm × 80 mm × 11.9 mm (thinnest part 6.4 mm)
Weight: 236 g
Battery capacity: 3540 mAh
Display: 5.8 inches 4K (2160 x 3840) HDR
Rear camera: Motion Eye dual 19 MP & monochrome 12 MP
Front camera: 13 MP
OS: Android 8.0 Oreo
Color: chrome black, chrome silver

Xperia XZ2 Premium - camera to the extreme - YouTube

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Typewriter type keyboard "Blueshow connection" reborn to the present "PENNA" - GIGAZINE

Research results that annual predation of spiders all over the world is heavier than the weight of all humans on earth - GIGAZINE

"Imgix Page Weight Tool" which measures weight of web page and gives advice for speedup - GIGAZINE

"WebTorrent Desktop" that can play movies immediately by streaming without waiting for download completion - GIGAZINE

At last the sales of digital distribution music in the whole world exceeds the sales of analog CDs - GIGAZINE

What is the prospect of "energy storage" technology that dramatically reduces electricity bills and can greatly change the future lives? - GIGAZINE

Innophreist who was publishing 'small devil ageha', goes bankrupt, liabilities 3 billion yen - GIGAZINE

I was able to drink beer "Adults Kentucky" I tried to enjoy "Fresh Confetti of Five Grain Flavored Chickens with Hat and Sand Liver ~" Beyond Fast Food Area - GIGAZINE

Why do I get distracted or exhausted at the open office - GIGAZINE

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Painful news (No ∀ `): Bat is offered to all teachers as school gun shooting countermeasure ... US Pennsylvania - livedoor blog

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Do you like chimpanzees brains? Early humanity as well? | National Geographic Japan version site

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
【Special Feature】 Ehime prefecture addendum document Why "memorandum" real crisis threatening democracy - Kyodo News

The official document is "intellectual resources shared by the people supporting the foundation of sound democracy" and is positioned as "can be used by the sovereign nationals on their own initiative." And, as the purpose of the law, "by adhering to the principle of national sovereignty ... by drawing appropriate preservation and use, etc." to "ensure that the administration is managed properly and efficiently", " Ensure that the obligation to explain to the citizens of the future will be fulfilled. "

If relevant government agencies and related municipalities were acting with this consciousness, it would be concluded that the policy decisions of the administration were reasonable, and if not, the situation was elucidated without confusion so far I guess. Deregulation of the documents greatly damaged Japan's democracy.

Opposition Party Refuses Mr. Yanase's Proposal to Invite Reference Person - Kyodo News

Ministry of Finance: Vice Fukuda, denial of sexual harassment "Facts and Differences, Preparation of Litigation" - Mainichi Newspapers

However, after that, Weekly Shincho will release audio data that is considered Mr. Fukuda. While the Ministry of Finance and the Abe administration are being criticized for tampering with the decision on the sale of state-owned land to the school corporation "Moriho Gakuen", there are voices calling for resignation not only from the opposition party but also from within the ruling party.

"All based on facts" Weekly Shincho comments - Kyodo News

Finance minister "There is no recognition of sexual harassment" Denial of fact fact: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Fukuda denies the fact that "I never did such interaction with a female reporter." I also showed an idea not to resign. The Ministry of Finance consigned to an external lawyer and announced the policy to continue the investigation. We asked each member company of the press club to cooperate with the survey of female reporters of each company.

Fukuda deputy finance minister, denied resignation "There is no recognition that sexual harassment was made"

About the investigation concerning the report on Fukuda secretary general: Ministry of Finance

Listening results of Secretary of the Treasury of Fukuda (full text) | NHK News

Nippon Television Public Opinion Survey 2 0 January 8, 1998 Constant opinion survey survey

Abe cabinet support, sluggish 31% unsupported 52% Asahi poll questionnaire: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Abe regime approval rate 33.5% "Residual physical strength" of the administration as seen in its own weekly continuous survey = JX communication company nationwide opinion poll (Yoshihiro U.S.) - individual - Yahoo! News

Ehime Documents: "Prime Minister Abe 's Declaration of Intention" Mr. Maekawa Views - Mainichi Newspaper

Prime Minister Abe keeps answering "escape" | President Online

When reading the Yomiuri editorials, Prime Minister Abe's answer so far will have no false piece.

It will never be such a thing. There is an answer where "it is a lie in Ehime prefecture documents, there is no prime minister case etc."

Former Prime Minister Koizumi 'There was no report of battle' Dispatch of Ground in Iraq: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Less than scheduled flight, cancellation possible ... To customers 7 days in advance Contact: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

<1> There is a company flight to and from the same airport within 3 hours before and after the flight departing or departing <2> By 7 days before the planned scheduled date, the airline company will be sent to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notify the cancellation or contact the reserved guests to make a refund or transfer to another flight <3> Tell the customer that the reserved guest may be canceled on the Internet reservation screen etc - And so on.

Expecting the limelight at the Tokyo Olympics, Japanese condom maker pictures 10 images International News: AFPBB News

CNN.co.jp: California state "three division" plan, referendum proposal in November

Arrested for doubting garbage disposal in Kochi City staff "Caring for clothes" - Society: Nikkan Sports

Under suspicion of stolen 10 million yen from a friend's house 3 Girls student arrested | NHK News

When girls of a junior high school third grader went to play at a friend 's house in Tokyo · Koto Ward, they were arrested for stealing 10 million yen of cash in the house. The female student is examining detailed explanation by the Metropolitan Police Department because the stolen cash was handed from hundreds of thousands of yen to one classmate of approximately 10 million yen each.

On-site report Banker is gradually quitting | Bunbun online

Historical revisionism and "language game" - To believe in the power of academic / "Historical revisionism and subculture" author Kohei Kurahashi interview | SYNODOS - Synodos -

CNN.co.jp: Religious conflict intensified due to rape and killing of 8-year-old girls Northern India

Meaning of Hanko's "sign": Akira Ikegami's news so did it! 【2018/04/14】 - What is it?

Agenda problem: Mayor Imabari "We are private" Do not reveal visitors etc - Mainichi Newspapers

The painful news (No ∀ `): The boss who was accompanied by a drunken female subordinate (22) (36), beaten up by the boyfriend who misunderstood (22) and unconscious - Livedoor blog

2004 high 2 stabbing: statements of invaders for obscene purposes - Mainichi Shimbun

CNN.co.jp: Salmonella in chicken eggs, health damages to 22 people 200 million pieces recalled in 9 states of rice

Mayor Imabari "I saw it in the news" added document "Prime Minister Project": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mr. Rika Kuyama, vigorously spreading hoaxes and hoaxes distributed by the party with Heartmark's placard created by ordinary citizens - Togetter

CNN.co.jp: arresting blacks at 'meeting' at Starbucks, ripples rice with image spreading - (1/2)

Driving while driving Pokemon, 85 years old died Arizo: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Teachers also stop thinking Educational site confused by "morality" (1/3) | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

Since the student registration is 0 at the university where the lecture was contracted from this year, it came to you that I canceled the contract two days before the first lecture and did not pay any salary - Togetter

A story that Yuri Otaku went to Lesbian customs (Actual) - Privatter

A painful news (No ∀ `): A black man in Kyoto who had been party at home," I'm always looking happy "→ I called the next party Invited police called - livedoor blog

"Suicide equipment" to die by just pressing a button 5 pictures on topics in the Netherlands trade fair International News: AFPBB News

"A thing in the world of the night is an identity card" A social task to think from here (Kaori Seki) - Personal - Yahoo! News

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Information | E-book site 【Digital e-hon】

Digital e - hon will terminate the service on April 27, 2018 (Friday).
We sincerely thank you for your continued patronage and apologize for any inconvenience.
In addition, downloading of purchased contents and point exchange etc. can be carried out until July 31, 2018 (Tue).

VRM - dwango on GitHub

"VRM" is a file format for handling humanoid 3D avatar (3D model) data for VR applications. It is based on glTF 2.0 and anyone can freely use it. In addition, a standard implementation (UniVRM) with C # that reads and writes VRM files for Unity is offered in open source.

Advertising company summary posted on illegal site (blog version) - anacondatan's blog

Talk to companies that are advertising in manga village - No gains available today Z

About Anitube operators - anacondatan

What happened to the mortgage loan? Reason why Mr. Ike Haya's house never ever built even though it passed. - Too much

Mr. Ikeda Hayato not cooperating with child rearing, exposed from his wife - Hagex-day info

Think about cache-friendly stateless application design # CDN_Study - mizchi's blog

Fake Wiki | Members of the House of Representatives Taro Kono official website

What to do now to eradicate piracy sites (Masunori Kusunoki) - Individual - Yahoo! News

Collaborative research report with Kyushu University and invited lecture by Mr. Cookpad Yoshikawa - Peperbo Laboratory Blog

It became easier to utilize the digital image of the library library stock (corresponding to international standard IIIF) | Kyushu University Library

Sony Japan | News Releases | Release DPT-CP1 small size A5 size digital paper pursuing readability and writing taste

【Okawara Katsuyuki's "PC industry, Susonishi run"】 Mr. Makoto of Melco founder passed away. Looking back at Melco's formation and customer-centered strategy - PC Watch

Statement that Safari's UA string is fixed and no longer fixed - fragmentary

Phantom of greyscale image - Qiita

Task management method for coexistence between Uncle Excel and github youth - Qiita

(PDF file)On the demonstration experiment of a new radio relay system by Drone aimed at rescuing victims of snowy mountains and mountainous areas

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Animation "Umaessa Pretty Derby" Non Telop OP & ED - YouTube

"Shenmue I & II" Tizor trailer - YouTube

People bewildered by the fact that the cover of general novels is rapidly converting to lanoba - Togetter


"God of War" "Journey's Journey" Trailer - YouTube

PS 4 / NSW "My Hero Accademia One's Justice" 1st PV release! - YouTube

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[Good news] Hanshin Messenger, residual declaration: What a summer stadium @ N J summary

[Validation] Why become famous, the artists' selling becomes increasingly disgusting? - I hell

I decoded the remarks of the Football Association's remarks 【NHK Live appearance】 | Nakamura Shintaro | note

· Although Tashima's remarks are unknown, I understand that we believe the trust relationship within the team is the most important
· It is an amateur rhythm that teams based on trust relationships are beautiful if they win or lose
- On the other hand, Harirho Hojic is a professional pro who wants to go for anything
· Haryu Hojic should have barely danced in a hot spring trip party
· The next director is kind of desperate like to choose whether to be able to dance naked

When Janiota life is over - 13 years

Pass tournament in Australia last 5 minutes and the tough situation of women's football in Japan | Takino Takane (Yasuo Suzuki) | note

Cry drama "Renewal Family" - Theme Song: CHEMISTRY - - YouTube

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Cider for Tohoku by Tohoku, Tohoku "CRAFT CIDER" released in Tohoku area only | Daido Drinko

"Nissei's Denmei east west eat comparison" 6 items (released on April 30) | Nissin Food Group

2 products that can take more than 1/2 of the vegetables needed for the day appeared | Seven - Eleven - conveniently nearby -

"Sapporo LEVEL 9 Luxury Strong" New Release (April 16, 2018) | News Release | Company Information | Sapporo Beer

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