"Weekly Shonen Jump 50th anniversary" and "Georgia" collaboration cans 40 kinds Design & Original Serif Summary

Can coffee "Georgia"In collaboration project of Weekly Shonen Jump, all 40 kinds of design cans of characters appearing in masterpieces 19 works are to be released sequentially from Monday, April 23, 2018, so what kind of design is there? I put them side by side.

"Georgia" Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary 【Collaboration Can】 40 kinds in limited quantity from Monday, April 23, one after another: The Coca-Cola Company

Although all the coma comes out in the original, the dialogue has been changed to the original thing that the word served with coffee.

◆ "Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend" 12 types
"DRAGON BALL" Goku: I have bought it - ー ー ー !!!!! Freeza ー ー !!!!!

"Kinnikuman" Robin Mask / (* Impact expression of ※ taste)

"NARUTO - NARUTO" Uzumaki Naruto / I do not bend attention to taste That is my coffee path

"NARUTO - Naruto" Hatake Kakashi / I have never missed Georgia after eating ... never been kaki!

"Sakigake! Men Juku" Sword Momotaro / coffee! It is a couple !!

"The Prince of Tennis" Echizen Ryoma / I still want to drink

"Hi Que !!" Hyuga Shiyang / If you drink Georgia you are the strongest !!!

"This place Katsushige Park pre-faction place" Kotetsu Kiitsu / Watashi is Rinshu "can"!

"Assassination Classroom" Killing / I hope I can drink Hey Georgia

"Bakuman." Makoto highest & Takagi Akito / Beta and white are not like the relationship between coffee and milk

"The coffee king" "ONE PIECE" Monkey · D · Luffy / !!! I'm Tsu made !!!!

"Yu Yu ☆ White Paper" Yuusuke Urabi / Please buy it straight and say it clearly and buy it

◆ "Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend Blissful Blocks" 8 kinds
"DRAGON BALL" Vegeta / I am ... ... ultra-micro sugar faction (supermarket)!

"Kinnikuman" Warsman / Ah ~ ~ Always a widespread Walshman is a blissful smile!

"NARUTO - NARUTO" My place is Sasuke & we are Itachi / You did not drink it on my own Georgia voluntarily?

"Saint Seiya" Pegasus Seiya / Mixed coffee and milk Make a miracle ...

"Kuroko's Basketball" Akashi Kurouro / I will tell you the goodness of micro sugar For details, please visit the website

"ONE PIECE" Roronoa Zoro / bliss "Bitou" ... will it be knocked out of my sword!? Eee! Zoro

"Yu Yu ☆ White paper" Kuruma / It is a good idea to pick a can of me

"My hero academy" Muroya Teruyuki / Although extra care may be taken, this package is limited for a limited time

◆ "Georgia Emerald Mountain Blend Black" 8 kinds
"DRAGON BALL" Kuririn / 10 yen change!

"Kinnikuman" Kinnikuman / I do not need any extra sweetness!

"BLEACH" Kurosaki Ichigo / Can (Jake) buy (jump) The jump can is limited quantity!

"Captain Tsubasa" Hinata Kojiro / Kura This is a crispy non-sugar black !! Nani

"ROOKIES" Koichi Kawafuto / I am Kawahara! This is sugarless!

"Kuroko's Basketball" Kuroko Tetsuya & Fire God Okama / Black I got to drink it

"ONE PIECE" Sanji / What a delicious look ... !!?

"Yu Yu Hakusho" Flying Shadow / Show me a very black coffee

◆ "Georgia The Premium" 6 types
"DRAGON BALL" Piccolo / Bring to the cash register quickly ...

"Sakigake! Men Juku" Date Masato / You do not mind if you drink anything You are not bad You do Georgia is way too good

"Captain Tsubasa" Ozora Tsubasa / Georgia Friends Delicious

"Yu-Gi-Oh!" Muto Yuugi / Georgia's turn !!

"This place Katsushiro Koen Park front agency" Keiichi Nakagawa / I would like to get Georgia out of a faucet that I can go for anything

"ONE PIECE" Nami / limited quantity !! Premier may be on !?

◆ "Georgia The Premium Cafe Au lait" 6 types
"DRAGON BALL" Son Gohan / Father ... I bought Georgia ー ー っ !!!!!

"Gintama" Sakata Gin Time / ............ Yoshi's eyes met matchlessly

"HIGH QUEUE!" Kiyama Nobu / The essence of cafe au lait is "Pyopion" High?

"Saint Seiya" Andromeda instant / coffee, milk cream chain!

"Katsushika Ward pre-faction departing place in Katsushika Ward" Reiko Akimoto / If you do not buy it, I will do taiho ♡

"ONE PIECE" Tony Tony Chopper / Jibun is! I want to drink cafe au!

There are 10 types of limited collaborative cans apart from these 40 types, and 5 sets are presented to 200 each.

© Bird Studio / Shueisha
© boiled egg
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© Takeshi Konomi / Shueisha
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© Akimoto Osamu, atelier Rodayama / Shueisha
© Yuuzi Matsui / Shueisha
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© Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha
© Yoshihiro Togashi 1990-1994
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