How can we make the best "ideal city" ever unprecedented?

There is a word "If you live in the city," but everyone should think that they want to live in an environmentally friendly city if possible. Despite great advances in science and technology, what is the "ideal city" that has not yet been realized, the YouTube channel to educate science with animationLife NogginI am thinking about it.

How Can We Make The Perfect City? Ft. Real Engineering - YouTube

There are statistical data that two-thirds of Americans live in cities.

However, the reality is that the living environment of the city is not so good. So, I will consider what "perfect city" has an ideal living environment.

The most important thing is location. It is the first condition that there is abundant water, and the lake side is ideal.

However, it is NG that there is an extreme season such as there is a too long rainy season, a mild climate is desirable.

In order to form a community, cities are required to have a certain scale.

However, overcrowding with overflowing population must be avoided, the size is 65 square kilometers, the population is ideally about 500,000 people.

If you divide the land of 8 kilometers square into the fifth grade, you will not get lost.

It is convenient to pass the subway through the center so that you can access anywhere in the city. Of course the subway is the precise one that operates on the timetable.

Excluding cars on the ground. It is better for traffic safety and health to allow only pedestrians and bicycles to freely travel. Society without car seems extreme, but it seems worth a try as there is an example like Paris that took off the expressway.

In order to improve the urban environment, we will fully activate solar power generation & wind power generation.

This will eliminate air pollution problems.

By utilizing high-rise buildings, it is possible to create cities that are close to work. Of course we need green, so I follow the Singapore and plant the skyscraper.

If you extend your hand you can harvest vegetables ......

It is also possible to plant flowers.

If you wish, you can also produce tomatoes to throw down to an underlying comedian.

Consideration for "social nature" is indispensable for creating urban cities that can be enjoyed as much as possible. School, activities, close community ... .... However, the space is limited.

The punishment system should be a help for reintegration ... ...

You should avoid excessively severe penalties. In the first place, the cost of keeping offenders in prisons is expensive, and the recidivism rate of those who are imprisoned is high.

Therefore, in an ideal city, we will focus on making violators a role of "keeper" to keep cities safe and comfortable.

In addition, streetlights also make use of sensors to make energy saving specifications.

Adjusting the light according to how many people are there and how many people there is to prevent wasting energy. This is a mechanism already adopted in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It is the government's responsibility to lower the cost of living, to build a public apartment building at a low price.

In Singapore, 80% of people live in a multi-family house built by the government, fostering a sense of "community" and "sharing".

According to research, the reason why such an ideal city still can not be constructed is that cost problems and collaborative work with the government are required too much. It is estimated that it will cost from 20 billion to 40 billion dollars (about 2 trillion yen to 4 trillion yen) when trying to build an ideal city from scratch.

But, if we could build such an ideal city, it would be a wonderful place to live.

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