A gamer and a professional driver dared to race by reproducing the "rear view" like a racing game on a real car, what is the result?

A race was held in which a professional driver who drives a real car and enters the race and a senior gamer who plays arms in a driving game compete for real time by manipulating real cars. In this race, however, the cover is attached so that all the glass of the car can not be seen, and both drivers project the image of "rear view" caught by the camera attached to the rear of the car body on the monitor screen in front of the steering wheel Driving is one unusual rule adopted.

Crazy racing mash-up: Gamer vs driver in real cars, but with video-game views | Ars Technica

Luke Woodham (left) who will compete in the European drift race and Teo · Thomas of gamer who competed for time in this race. Run on a dirt road that is not paved and compete for which one can mark a faster time than your opponent.

Driving is one of the representatives of American sports cars "Ford Mustang." Although it is a genuine automobile, it has been added a bar with a camera behind the trunk, and further windows such as windows are all wrapped so that the outside can not be seen from inside.

In this situation you can see how two people compete for time with the following movie.

Castrol EDGE presents TITANIUM GAMER - YouTube

The challenge this time is implemented as a campaign in which the oil maker "Castrol" tied up with the racing game "Need for Speed". It is unheard of for a race that is unprecedented to drive a real car with a "rear viewpoint" unique to racing games.

We installed a bar behind the trunk and installed a camera in the gimbal that cancels the shake.

And set up a small display in front of the driver. By reflecting the image captured by the rear camera on this display, we will reproduce the backward perspective like a game.

Both drivers to board the seat. You can see that the window is completely covered.

Closing the door completely shuts out the outside world.

The driver drives in this state. It will be a drive in the so-called "out of the desert" state that you run while watching the state of the car you drive on the monitor screen.

Time attacks are done one at a time, but in the movie after this time we compare the time by arranging them side by side. About the start line ......


A vigorous dash for a checkpoint! It is a place I want to say ... ... but it seems that it is accelerating to see whether it is a driving environment unfamiliar to you indeed.

Raise the smoke to the first corner.

I think that it is advantageous for gamers because it is an unavoidable backward viewpoint, and that there are quite a few gaps in feeling as it is an actual car that takes acceleration and deceleration and cornering G. I do not know the way to go to the end as to which one can make a goal quickly.

This corner, which normally seems to be comfortably bent, will make you feel awkward if you drive through the monitor screen.

In the middle of the course, the point where the road width is narrow like this is also set. How to pass this narrow part without slowing down speed seems to be the key to victory or defeat.

At the last checkpoint before the goal, gamers caught up and took the lead!

And finally, turn the last corner ... ...

After that go for the goal line and beat up! Please check the result by watching the movie.

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