What is "Vrillon" that jacked television broadcasts and delivered messages from aliens?

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Hacking and hijacking the television line "Radio wave jackThe word "Terrestrial Digital Television Broadcasting" has completely ceased to be heard completely. As a radio jack case occurred in Chicago in the United StatesMax · Headroom incidentIs famous but occurred in southeast EnglandVrillonMessage is also enigmatic in 40 years since the incident.

Vrillon: the alien voice hoax that became a legend | The Independent

On November 26, 1977, at 5 o'clock on Saturday evening, which is unusual what people have been doing as usual. When the news anchor of "Southern TV" was reading the topic of the day, the image was distorted and the audio gradually became smaller, and a strange message appeared on the black screen TV screen.

Original Vrillon message from 1977

The news anchor man is reading the manuscript. It was time for TV news that has nothing to be changed ... ...

Suddenly, the picture distorts with Gignaggua, the voice of the news gradually decreases. Since it is not so much that it can not be impossible as only a problem of analog broadcasting, it is supposed that many viewers thought "Is it radio interference?"

But the next moment I got projected on TV was a message emerging in the blackout background. Messages beginning with "This is the voice of Vrillion" are said to be a group of extraterrestrialsAshtar Galactic Command (Ashtar Galactic Command)I am calling for the representative of.

This message lasts about 5 minutes and finally ends with the cartoon animation video. The content of this message was very simple. "Mankind must change the way to rely on war and respect the peaceful way - before it's too late"

This was, of course, mischief. However, it is a fact that it was sophisticated for their poor mischief. Although security is not stronger than modern in analog broadcasting, hacking to the television network at that time is not something that can be done overnight. And strangely, the culprit who went through this radio jack never got a name to take over or to be identified, this event remains enveloped in mystery.

Decade from Vrillon's message, the most famous radio jack "Max · Headroom incident"Occurred in America. Urban legendary researchers point out that Vrillon's message is truly imminent, whereas the video that flowed in this Max · Headroom incident is obviously a mischief that it is mischievous.

In an article written exactly 40 years from the message of Vrillon, "Urge joined the EU when Vrillon sent a message, 40 years later we are withdrawing from there. There is no doubt that at that time I am in a worse situation, "and alarms that" Vrillon will come again ".

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