Headline news on April 13, 2018

Household game machine released on November 22, 1994Sega SaturnHowever, the body composition monitor "Sega Saturn body composition meterFrom Friday, April 13, 2018Village Vanguard official mail order site, From 26th April (Thur) toTanita Online ShopIt will be sold in. Initial production quantity is 1122 units, selling price is 6000 yen without tax, there is also possibility to make additional production.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

When iPhone is assembled from Ichi using parts purchased in Shenzhen, China, it becomes like this - GIGAZINE

An 8-year-old who studied driving on YouTube drives to McDonald's with a younger sister, "I wanted to eat cheeseburger" - GIGAZINE

"Global Digital Statshot" summarizing the Internet situation of the world 2nd quarter of 2017 announced - GIGAZINE

24K Gold Analogue Nt "that shines golden golden golden auctioneering 540,000 yen - GIGAZINE

It turned out that the hacked TV station had been broadcasting the tags that wrote the password admirably - GIGAZINE

"GeekTyper" that anyone can easily taste the feeling of Superhakers who will pass through the transcendental security - GIGAZINE

Why does Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory prohibit PowerPoint and use the blackboard? - GIGAZINE

The meal situation in Mexico is pursuing deliciousness repeatedly and it is enriching too much - GIGAZINE

The hardest pepper in the world is born in Australia - GIGAZINE

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◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
Elucidation of the mechanism of "cellular likeliness" which is characteristic of each cell type is lost - Kyoto University

Precise experiment starting approaching the mystery of vacuum | RIKEN

Succeeded in developing super high speed 3-D high resolution observation technology utilizing AI technology such as deep learning | Press Release | Tohoku University - TOKOU UNIVERSITY -

NU is useful for predicting severe side effects of thiopurine preparations ... News | Tohoku University - TOKOU UNIVERSITY -

"Agriculture" insects, "herbicide" also utilized, latest research | National Geographic Japan version site

"Detox sweat" was a lie, research report | National Geographic Japan version site

It is for humans to sweat to lower body temperature, not to drain waste products and toxic substances. It is the kidneys and the liver who are responsible for that task.

Rust disappears quickly with laser - New technology from Shizuoka to save aging infrastructure - Yahoo! News

Male to female? Birth from there! What? Evolution with only risk of butchihena - withnews (with news)

CNN.co.jp: Discovery of "protruding knife" hidden in the face of Onii Dalma Okoze Rice research

CNN.co.jp: Turtle of 'breathing in genitalia', London zoo conference with an endangered list

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Finding additional documents within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry - Kyodo News

Prefectural official Ehime Governor acknowledges the preparation of the Ministry of Agriculture's "prime minister case" document: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Published a document on agriculture that was left inside the Ministry of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs | NHK News

"Did you remember the truth?" Mr. Yanase in a reporter question ...: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Liberal Democratic Associate Aso "Supporting the Administration in the Middle" | NHK News

Public document alteration: Mr. Sagawa, do not ask the false creation to turn off the case - Mainichi Newspaper

"I want to meet a real parent" Neonatal misunderstanding men appealed | NHK News

According to the man, the mother suspected the mistake was that in 1974, it was a blood test at the time of entering elementary school.

The man said, "Although both parents were type B, I got a result that was type A, and my mother, who had made a mistake, immediately went to the clinic to consult him. Although she repeatedly asked for confirmation that no mistake occurred My mother was suspected of cheating and my parents divorced because I have a different blood type.I have been deposited at my relative's house and also in high school I could not go and I had to give up everything. "

Girls' high school student killing case 14 years ago Fingerprint and others agreed to arrest 30 son in Hiroshima | NHK News

Fujii Rika's fake colored paper sales suspect himself "The number of pieces is different": Asahi Shimbun Digital

The sign of Hifumi is counterfeit or the woman arrested at fake sign sales of Fujii Rokuji | NHK News

Mr. Trump, instructing TPP recovery review One member revealed by U.S. Congressman International News: AFPBB News

"Japan has given a blow to the trade side for many years" President Trump is criticized | NHK News

Damn "Pumpkin's Carriage" Inside of the briefing session, unfamiliar explanation "Funny to survive" - ​​lawyer dot com

10 guns and 200 gun bullets from the construction company's dormitory Listen to Filipino guys | NHK News

CNN.co.jp: Learning seat, inspecting the large military exercise in the South China Sea Show off China's military power

Nuclear waste breaks due to student mobilization Discover how to resume "Resume" | NHK News

Police officer police arrest arrest inspected "hesitated without hesitation" | NHK News

Pirated site to prevent browsing = Government with copyright protection urgent measures: current affairs dot com

Syria: Chemical weapons reaction from victims "US government obtains material demonstration" coverage - Mainichi Shimbun

【Turmoil · Korean Peninsula】 North Korea analysis "38 North" operation research laboratory closed Closing funds due to refusal of Korean government's personnel intervention (1/2 page) - Sankei news

Yahoo! entered the virtual currency business Early in 18 the exchange service: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Total Japanese population declined for seven consecutive years Declining birthrate and aging going forward | NHK News

Night-time human, possibility of rising risk of death by forced morning life life photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Reduction of treatment of regular employees, correction of inequality Japan Post eliminates unusual allowance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
Diary of a depraved technician: Topics of recent certificates (1) Korean Government PKI's Masui wild card issued certificate - livedoor Blog (blog)

A tool for collectively managing SSL / TLS certificates used on AWS aws - cert - utils story - Kaizen Platform developer blog

If you are a top-level computer engineer, check out from your usual skills and choose the right technology-based media N - kuenishi's blog

Yahoo! enters the virtual currency business, 40% equity investment in bit algo exchange Tokyo

View unauthorized virtual currency discovery tool on AOL web advertisement, even in MSN Japanese version | Trend Micro Security Blog

Google Developers Japan: Semantic image segmentation with DeepLab at TensorFlow

"Funband (fan band)" Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles model released | News release: Sharp

Vending machine service "Tappiness (Tappiness)" which points accumulate when you hold "LINE" breaks through 20,000 target goals in 1 year from the start of service! | 2018 | News Releases | Giraffe

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)

TV anime "Otaku to love is difficult" non credit OP / sumika "fiction" - YouTube

A foreign world pub - the ancient capital Itaria's Izakayabu nobu - episode 1 Oden potato - YouTube

"Liz and the Blue Bird" Making Vol.1 Wind-oriented music "Liz and the Blue Bird" Hen - YouTube

5/24 release !! 【Persona 5 Dancing Star Night】 Opening Movie - YouTube

5/24 release !! 【Persona 3 Dancing / Moon Knight】 Opening Movie - YouTube

"Soul Calibur VI" Character introduction video _Vol.05 - YouTube

"God of War" Japan version Official MAD trailer "Requiem" God Remix - YouTube

Donkey Kong Tropical freeze introduction video - YouTube

Yan Iko's donkey Kong banana life prequel - YouTube

Pirated sites of cartoons / animated cartoons, legal maintenance for blocking: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

"Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN birth red comet" Visitor gift decision! Eveing ​​Festival & 2nd day Stage greetings held!

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
【Highlights】 Marseille x Leipzig "UEFA Europa League 17/18 Quarterfinal 2nd leg" - YouTube

◆ EL small net ◆ Return to the dressing room, review the goal scene of Hiroki Sakai, revitalize again Marseille eleven www

【Highlights】 Salzburg x Lazio "UEFA Europa League 17/18 Quarterfinal 2nd leg" - YouTube

【Highlights】 CSKA Moscow x Arsenal "UEFA Europa League 17/18 Quarterfinal 2nd leg" - YouTube

【Highlights】 Sporting × Atlético Madrid "UEFA Europa League 17/18 Quarterfinal 2nd leg" - YouTube

What is J PRIDE: [sad news] Japanese football player, who is doubting the pressure from Adidas ...?

Twelve teams' runouts & defense rankings mmmmmmmmmmmmm: What's Ji Stadium @ N J Summary

What is J PRIDE: 【sad news】 Mr. Paigue, where is strong and weak in the meaning is unknown

G-speed @ Yomiuri Giants Summary Blog: [Sad news] The realities of the three giants are too severe ...

【Daily】 Shiroi 's strike zone reflected as though it was not constant throughout the game. : Hanshin Tigers

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)

Popular "Butter Coffee" that broke through 2 million cumulative sales in about 4 months from sale | News release | New flavor appears in FamilyMart!

Becx Coffee Shop From April 16 th a new drink in spring Sparkling Matcha Latte appears | Limited time | Topics | Becx coffee shop

(PDF)4/18 Freshly baked white peach & yogurt dessert drink, pastrami beef and bacon potato salad two sandwiches, coffee jelly also appeared this year!

(PDF)The first bullet "DELI ★ Sand" series using whole wheat bread is "avocado" and "chicken"!

(PDF)Original capsule figure "Kyushu figure figure soup" released on sale

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