Does it solidify like a stone by subjecting the hair to hydraulic press? Experiment to an unexpected result

diamondYaWolverine nail alloy "Adamantium"YouTube channel that pushes various materials such as hydraulic press to Petchanko ·Hydraulic Press ChannelThis time "Hair of Human" is put on the press machine. It is a result that the prediction of "Do you crush and harden like a stone?" Is greatly betrayed.

Can You Turn Hair to Stone with Hydraulic Press? - YouTube

Human hair is going to be used for hydraulic press this time. It is like a wig, but he seems to be using real human hair.

Even if I pull a lot, my hair will not break.

In the past, when the experiment was carried out that "How much human hair can bear the weight?", It seems that he tolerated the weight of 400 kg. I will apply this human wig to the hydraulic press.

Cylindrical shape is placed under the press machine, and there are three parts in the mold with the following feeling ......

When three parts are stuck together, it becomes a cylinder. Since there is no escape place in the hair pushed in the press, will it become hard like a stone in this cylinder? It was predicted. Finally, if you disassemble these three parts "Hair stone" can be taken out spot.

First, cut a part other than human hair from a wig.

Stuff the hair in the cylinder ......

Press start.

Hair is pushed into the tube gently. Human hair has become a stone in the press ... ....?

...... I thought that, powder was overflowing from the bottom and the bottom.

When you press up, it is like this.

A voice rises to the unexpected finish that "This is not a stone but a sand!" Pressure of 130 thousand pounds per square inch has occurred in the press and it seems that the sandy hair from the gap overflowed because the cylinder type could not withstand that pressure.

However, the compressed hair is left in the cylinder .... With a gap below the column type, restart the press. This will cause the compressed hair to fall to the ground.

The hair I took out is like this. It is a lump but it is not converted to a tick solid, but it is used for livestock feeds etc.Grass rollIt is like the state.

Pull a piece and the mass of hair will collapse as much as you can.

It was a hydraulic press that ended an unexpected end ... ... After this, can you press a toilet paper or salt to solid it? I am also experimenting. Whether this is also an unexpected result or solidification like a superb stone,When I watch the movie to the endIt has become to be understood.

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