Pikachu chatted in 'refrigerator's Pikachu' which also touches chattering & opening in the refrigerator

Handling various character miscellaneous goodsGray · Parker · ServiceFrom the fact that if you put it in the refrigerator you will talk to each time you open the door "Pikachu of a refrigerator"Has appeared on April 2, 2018 (Monday). Since I was able to borrow the real thing of "Pikachu of a refrigerator" that will chat while shining the red cheeks, I put it in the refrigerator and tried using it.

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"Pikachu of a refrigerator" is a "Pikachu of a refrigerator" that speaks to you when you open the refrigerator doorFridgeezoo (Fridaizu)"Was born in collaboration with popular game" Pocket Monster ". The outer box looks like this.

The conventional Fridgeezoo was shaped like a milk carton and a container of seasoning, but the shape of "Pikachu of a refrigerator" is the Pikachu silhouette as it is.

There are 17 kinds of Pikachu's original sounds in all, and among them there are rare sounds that flow only occasionally.

I tried out the contents of the box. What was inside is "Pikachu of a refrigerator" and the tail part, and a description.

Remove the transparent tag for insulation stuck in the butt.

It operates with two AAA batteries, but what was used for testing in advance was in it. In addition, since it is a dry battery for testing only, it is recommended to change to a new one.

The tail is detachable and plugs it into the buttocks.

The power ON / OFF switch is also attached to the buttocks.

I tried to weigh it, it was 57 g with batteries.

The size of the main body is 84 mm in width, 44 mm in depth, and 86 mm in height with the tail in, compare it with the general 1000 ml entering milk carton and comprehensively compare its size.

I saw "Pikachu of a refrigerator" from behind. The speaker was on the back.

There was a small hole in the back of the head of Pikachu, and a light sensor was visible inside. It is a mechanism that Pikachu speaks when the sensor detects the brightness outside the lamp and the refrigerator. For that reason, Pikachu should be placed in the refrigerator near the lamp, or in a position where light can be easily inserted outside.

I put "Refrigerator Pikachu" in the refrigerator in the editorial department and tried to see what kind of chatting actually is done.

Every time you open and close the refrigerator, you can see how many Pikachu are talking about in the following movie.

I tried opening and closing the refrigerator to have "chat with a refrigerator in Pikachu" chat - YouTube

Also, it is said that they will be careful with anger when the refrigerator is left open, so I actually checked it by opening the refrigerator. Pikachu angry with wasting electricity can be seen in the following movie.

"Pikachu of a refrigerator" takes care of keeping the fridge open - YouTube

Every time we open and close the refrigerator, we talked about "Picca" "Piccapika!", And it is very cute to shimmer whenever the red couple speaks. Since the volume of the voice is not too small and it is small size, it sounds firmly, so there were scenes that surprised the editorial staff who opened the fridge without knowing anything was spoken to Pikachu abruptly. There are 17 kinds of voice recorded, and it is a nice point that the voice changes every time you can open it. As I heard Pikachu's voice, I wanted to open and close many times without thinking about a refrigerator and I wanted to make sure that it is a must-see item for Pikachu.

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