Twenty years ago rumor that "Miu is under the truck" reality

At the end of March 2018 a new element "Pokemon Research"Was added Pokemon GO. In "Special Research" which is a type of Pokemon Research, it is possible to enjoy a story that can approach various mysteries of Pokemon, and it seems that it can also search for that phantom Pokemon Mew. That is why Miu finally began to appear in Pokemon GO, but in the "Pokemon Red / Green" era when its appearance was confirmed for the first time, "Mew is hidden under the track at the end of Santo Anne It is calledOwasaThere seems to have been flowing, the rumors of overseas Pokemon Trainers are overjoyed that rumors of over 20 years ago became truly due to the appearance of Mew in Pokemon GO.

A new element "Pokemon Research" that makes daily adventure more enjoyable has appeared! | 'Pokémon GO' official website

When "Pokémon red / green" appeared, there were rumors of uncertainty such as truth and false rumors such as "go to the US from the port of Santo Anne", "get unhappy when having a polygon", "transparent person of safari park" , Back technique to make Pokemon level 100 and 152 Pokemon "InsuranceThe tricks to get "spread all over friends from friends to friends.

One such rumor is that "Mew is hidden beneath a truck at the end of the Santo Anne". It is unknown which rumor spread among whom, but Red Bull Games ... ....

Do not be fooled "Pokemon" urban legend

Kotaku of overseas game media also has an article saying "Some people believed that there were Pokemon under the truck at the time."

That Time Some Players Thought Mew Was Under A Truck In Pokémon

Also, remembering old rumors on Twitter and saying "There must be Mew under the truck, but ... ...." Pokemon trainers who tweet often appeared.

"You can find Mew under the track"

In 2018 when more than 20 years passed since such a rumor spread. With Miu appearing in Pokemon GO, many Pokemon trainers have posted an image demonstrating that "Mew is hiding under the truck" on the SNS in order to make ruffian of ancient times a fact It is.

"A rumor that was twenty years ago was true", I found Miu under a truck and a word.

"What was being rumored for years has been true, Miu is under the truck!" @ LonelyGod who made rumors that he believed in his childhood a reality.

"Miu is under the truck!"

"Rumors are true! Miu is hiding under the track of Santo Anne! Thanks to the wonderful Pokemon (Miu) this past few days it was really fun and this was the real adventure, thank you." And trainers who appreciate Niantic and Pokemon GO.

"In the end, Miu was under the truck!"

"I got Miu but my Miu was under a truck stopping beside the Sainte-Anne!", Who bothers to take photos taken by a Santo Anne-style passenger ship, Also.

Some also tweet that "I took a picture of Miu under the truck based on the original game!"

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