I tried all four spring and summer new cake of comeda coffee shop such as "Strawberry Mont Blanc" using Akao produced in Fukuoka Prefecture and "Sudanumaru" using Edamame

New comedy cake from Spring / Summer from April 2, 2018 at Komeda Coffee Shop "Strawberry Mont Blanc"Solve"Coconut pine"Shrimp"Has appeared. I heard that cakes made from Fukuoka prefecture strawberries "Aomoyu" and green cakes using green soybeans were offered for a limited time, so I came to eat it because I was curious.

2018 April 02 The cake of Komeda has been renewed! | New Products · Campaign | Coffee House Komeda Coffee Shop

That's why I came to Komeda coffee shop to eat a new cake.

We will order 4 new cakes and coffee at the seat guided by the clerk.

New cake 'Coconut Pine', 'Strawberry Mont Blanc', 'Suzumaru' and 'Shokarara Tama' arrived in about 7 minutes.

I will eat it from Strawberry Mont Blanc (360 yen including tax). Mont Blanc which imaged spring, about 70% of the material strawberries are using strawberry "Aimou" from Fukuoka prefecture.

It is about 7 cm in diameter, compared with the long side 13.8 cm iPhone 7 like this.

A whipped cream that sprinkles over the surface is used ... ...

Some sauce contains cream and go sauce, and strawberries are exhausted.

When eating, the whole is soft, I feel the scent of strawberry from strawberry whipped cream sauce and sauce. First after the sweet and sour sauce of the sauce spreads in the mouth, it disappears suddenly and the sweetness of the strawberry whipped cream, which has a sour taste modest and sticky, rushes.

Next, I will eat something merchandise (420 yen including tax). Local cuisine in the Tohoku area "Solda mochi"Cake that arranged. The cake that arranged local cuisine is the first time in Komeda.

The surface, and the green cream sandwiched by the white sponge, contains "Sanda bean paste" which grinds the edamame.

The size of a bright edamame color cake is about 14 cm.

If you look closely at the surface you can see the edible bean jelly.

When I try to eat it, I feel the texture and fragrance of the soybeans from the solder cream sandwiched between the sponges that were made with Funwari, but there is little blueness of the soybeans, it is easy sweetness combined with the cream. Edamame and cream, and sponges are finished in a finished texture.

Next we will eat tart cake coconut pine (420 yen including tax). Coconut paste is kneaded in the dough.

Topping with pineapple, coconut powder coconut fine. In pine and coconut there is sense of southern country in the material.

When you stab it with a fork, the tart fabric is a firm feel. The moment I put it in my mouth, I feel the sweetness of pine, then the sourness. As you chew, the scent of coconut spreads in your mouth, and the presence of a solid fabric increases.

A firm and crunchy fabric reduces moisture in the mouth, so it is recommended to eat with a drink such as coffee.

Finally we will eat shochu (tatami 360 yen).

Soybean is a bite size ganache chocolate, size is like this. Flavor is different for each color, green is green tea, brown is chocolate & coffee, white is strawberry. It is coolly cold, melts quickly, so it is recommended to eat as soon as possible.

I will eat it from strawberry. The surface is white but ... ....

The inside is pink color of strawberry. Cold ganache chocolate wrapping a strawberry cream is soft, has viscosity like anko, melts in the mouth and gentle sweetness remains in the aftertaste. In the strawberry cream inside, the scent of strawberry and fancy sweetness are spreading and spreading.

Chocolate & coffee, which contains small chocolate, has a crisp texture. Coffee smells, there is not much bitterness, it is closer to chocolate than coffee.

Matcha has soft green tea cream in the soft ganache chocolate, and the hint of bitter bitterness of Matcha complemented sweetness.

The new cake "Spring-Summer New Cake" of Komeda Coffee Shop "Strawberry Mont Blanc" "Sumida Maru" "Coconut Pine" "Shokarara Tama" has become a limited-time cake until late August 2018. Please note that some stores are handled and prices are different.

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