Original work "LIDAR" which becomes the liver of automatic driving technology at only 4000 yen

It is expected that it will be a major key to automatic driving technology, measuring the distance to the object using a laser "LIDARThis is called technology. People who made their own materials for $ 35 (about 3800 yen) for material cost LIDAR, which has long been known as the automated driving car and has been spotlighted for a long time, has released information on hardware and software.

Open Simple LIDAR | Hackaday.io

Illia Sam's own LIDAR can quickly create map data can be confirmed in the following movie.

Open Simple Lidar: Making map of the rooms - YouTube

This is my original LIDAR which can be created with less than 4000 yen.

Boards equipped with cameras and laser irradiators will rotate 5 times per second.

Mapping experiments are carried out by placing the LIDAR system on the robot vacuum cleaner Rumba.

The data of LIDAR is a single board computer "Orange Pi"It is sent to the notebook PC for processing.

LIDAR system with green and red rod shaped objects.

Along with the move of the rumba, the LIDAR system starts moving, and the mapped gray part spreads more and more. The angular resolution in the experiment is 2 degrees.

In a 4 × speed movie, the layout of the room will be blown out while it is okay.

In addition, since the mirror is placed on the part that protrudes the wall, it can not detect the reflection of the laser well.

That's why the room mapping is completed.

Mr. Sam's own LIDAR is to measure the distance by "triangulation" by recording the reflection light of the laser with the camera. Although it is 2D data output, it seems that it can be said that it is practical enough just to measure the layout of a simple room.

Mr. Sam has published hardware and software information on his own LIDAR system at GitHub.

GitHub - iliasam / OpenSimpleLidar: Open Hardware scanning laser rangefinder

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