Possibility to be equipped with iPhone "Functions that can be operated with only finger gestures without touching the screen at all"

"Apple has the possibility to implement gesture-controllable features and curved displays on the iPhone without touching the screen,"BloombergIt reports. Experts say that there is an aim in differentiating Apple's most important product called the iPhone in an increasingly confusing market.

Apple Working on Touchless Control and Curved iPhone Screen - Bloomberg

Since Steve Jobs spread mouse pointing device in the early 1980's, Apple continues to explore "how humans intervene in computers". The gesture manipulation being done this time is a new technology as the operation of the smartphone, and the iPhone user can do various operations just by moving the finger closer without touching the screen. Experts are analyzing if Apple is keen on developing gesture manipulation techniques, perhaps it will be possible to implement it in less than two years.

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According to the testimony of the officials, Apple also has developed a curved display gradually bent from the top to the bottom, different from Samsung's smartphone with curved screens rounded on the left and right sides. So far, flat models are adopted for most models of the iPhone. The OLED (organic EL) display of iPhone X is slightly curved at the bottom, but it is a level almost unknown to human eyes.

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Since gesture manipulation functions and curved display are still in the early stages of development at Apple, it may not be adopted as a result. However, the TrueDepth camera installed on the iPhone XFace IDYaAni characterIn considering that it has a high image recognition ability to make it possible, we can expect technology that recognizes the movements of fingers that do not touch the screen.

The OLED display used in iPhone X can bend and fold, unlike the liquid crystal display used for iPhone until then.Apple is developing a new display technology called micro LEDHowever, it is said that three to five years will be necessary for micro LED display to be on the market due to a problem of too high cost. Therefore iPhone adopting curved display is likely to have enough possibility to appear within 2 to 3 years.

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