Russia's first postal delivery drone headed for first delivery but also crashed in seconds after takeoff

In order to smoothly deliver mail to areas where it is difficult to deliver baggage within Russia, in 2016Russian mailAnnounced that it will do postal mail by drone. And in response to the completion of the draft for delivery, the Russian mail was sent to Siberia on Tuesday, April 3, 2018Uranium UdeWe held a departure ceremony for the postal delivery drone at. In this ceremony, drone that was starting to neighboring villages in order to perform a mail delivery of first-time, lose control immediately after take-off, crashed into a wall of a building at breakneck speed, and an accident that wreck occurred .

Russian postal drone program hits wall in debut

The state of the first flight mail delivery drones crashing against the wall,ReutersYou can check with the following movie posted on Twitter.

This drones that the men placed will carry out the first memorable mail delivery. A parcel is attached to the drone, and a logo mark of Russian mail drawn in blue and white is affixed.

Leave to your destination.

The drones will rise vigorously. It looks like this is going well.

However, here the angle of the drones changed, and the dive started.

While drone lowers altitude, it goes to the building at a tremendous speed ......

Crash into the wall.

And it falls to the ground. The audience's men who were watching this situation unexpectedly shouted "Wow!"

Drone who crashed into the wall wrecked.

At the time of a crash, the logo of the Russian mail which fell off from the parcel ... ...

While breathing sorrow somewhere, it was blown away by the wind.

Furthermore, there was no injured person due to this accident. There is uranium · udeBuryat RepublicAlexei Zidenov said that the cause of the accident "There may be a case where more than 100 Wi-Fi connected radio waves in this area confused Drone's flight and caused an accident."

This drone is manufactured by Rudron / Expeditor 3M, which is said to cost about 20,000 dollars (about 2.1 million yen) per unit. However, Mr. Zidenov talks "I can not get results without risk", he says he is not going to give up on realizing the postal delivery drones.

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