A study result that it is possible to treat wounds by using sugar instead of antibiotics

byOregon State University

We are using sugar to sweet bitter coffee and make sweets. However, in developing countries in Africa there is a folk remedy "to cure wounds" by sugar, and it is being revealed that there is effectiveness which the medical community did not know about wound treatment by sugar.

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I grew up in a poor household of ZimbabweMoses MurandouWhen he made abrasions and cuts, he used to do folk medicine "paint salt on the wound" from long ago. When there was money at the hands of the father, I used "sugar" which does not hurt as much salt as painting, instead of salt, which is very painful when painted.

Mr. Murando said that he was constantly noticing that "when painting sugar is better than when painting salt, the wound will heal sooner." Since then, since 1997 BritishNational Health ServiceMr. Mranand who worked as a nurse was surprised that "sugar is not used in the treatment of wounds in the UK". Since then, Mr. Murando talks about how to treat wounds with sugarUniversity of WolverhamptonContinue studying with, concerning wound treatment with sugarPilot studyIt was successful.

Treatment of a wound by sugar is very easy, just paint sugar on the wound, and press it with bandage or band aid from the top of the sugar. It seems that granular sugar absorbs all the moisture around the wound and keeps the environment where it is difficult for bacteria to breed. There are still many areas in the world where antibiotics to prevent infection from wounds can not be easily obtained. If wound therapy with sugar becomes popular, it can do treatment similar to antibiotic administration even in areas where antibiotics are not available due to poverty.

bySimon Berry

In addition to the tests Mr. Mrandande has conducted, successful cases of wound treatment with sugar have been reported from various parts of the world, and reports are also reported that it is effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. A woman living in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, who was declared "to cut only" to a doctor because he had left a bad leg wound for many years heard about practicing sugar treatment from Mr. Murando. "Her legs are still connected," Mr. Murando said. Sugar used for treatment seems to be effective at higher concentrations of sugar than at low concentrations.

Currently Mr. Murando is conducting 41 clinical studies in the UK and presents sugar treatment methods at domestic and international conferences. According to Mr. Murando, there is no problem for diabetic patients, although it seems that there was a case in which the question "Is it necessary to refrain from taking sugar and can be used also for diabetic patients?" In the meeting It can be used. "Diabetes patients have bloodglucoseIt is necessary to suppress, sugar itselfsucroseis. It is a digestive enzyme to convert sucrose to glucoseSucraseIs necessary, but sucrase exists only in the body. Sucrose will never be converted to glucose even if sugar is applied to the injured wound, so there is no worry that the glucose concentration in the blood will rise, "Mrandand said.

Despite reported success stories on how to treat wounds with sugar, Mr. Murando faces the problem of shortage of research funding. Many pharmaceutical companies are doing medical research to develop antibiotics, but even if sugar treatment methods are established, they will not benefit pharmaceutical companies that do not produce sugar, so those companies There is almost no hope of receiving funding from.


Murando's study of sugar treatment is informally used by the poor in developing countries. "The knowledge of sugar treatment brought from Zimbabwe will influence the medical society at the scene of British modern medicine and will also return to help the people of Africa. It is Mr. Murando.

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