The uncontrolled space station "Amenomi No. 1" falls to the earth soon

China's space station that is out of control "Amemiya 1It is announced that it is expected to fall to the earth between 8 o'clock and 12 o'clock on Monday 2 April 2018.

Tiangong-1: China space lab's return approaches - BBC News

The prediction that the space station "Amagi No. 1" uncontrollable in September 2017 falls "somewhere on the earth around January 2018" was announced. About the information about Amamiya No. 1 which became clear at about half a year ago can be checked by the following article.

The unpredictable Chinese space station "Amenomi No. 1" predicts that it falls to "somewhere on Earth" around January 2018 - GIGAZINE

Although experts are tracking Amagi No. 1 which is falling, it is impossible to predict how to follow the trajectory due to the influence of the upper atmosphere, and accurate falling points can not be predicted at the time of article creation Hmm. In other words, it seems that there is no method other than checking the timing of the fall.

For this reason, the falling point of Amagi No. 1 and the predicted range are considerably wider from 43 degrees north to 43 degrees south latitude,British Space AgencyAccording to Richard Krauser, an engineer, "We expect that the majority of the parts will burn out with the heat of reentry into the atmosphere and the remaining debris is most likely to fall into the ocean." .

Also,European Space AgencyofSpace debrisAccording to Mr. Holger Krag, who works at the office, "Many parts burn out by reentering the atmosphere, but according to similar cases 20% to 40% of the whole parts should remain burned out. Since No. 1 is 8 tons, 1.5 to 3.5 tons of parts will fall to the ground. "

In addition, Amenomiya No. 1 is the 50 th size and not the maximum size as an artifact entering into the atmosphere with control becoming impossible. I got out of control in 1979NASASpace Station "Skylab"Was 80 tons, the fragments fell into the state of Western Australia, but there were no injured people.

Also, NASA's space shuttle which decomposed in the air after reentry into the atmosphere in February 2003 "ColumbiaWeight exceeded 100 tons. This debris poured into the states of Texas and Louisiana in the United States, but it is recorded that no injuries came out.

According to the report by China state-owned Xinhua news agency, Tianyu No. 1 has announced that it reentered into the atmosphere above the South Pacific around 9:15 am Japan time.

"Amena No. 1" entered the atmosphere, burned out China coverage: Science · IT: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

If you discover the remains of the falling space station that became uncontrollable, you can find out how to deal with it by reading the following article.

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