The identity of beer belly was a huge tumor

In the abdomen of a man who was thought to be "beer belly", it turned out that there was actually 13.6 kg of tumor.

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A Man's 'Beer Belly' Was Actually a Massive Tumor

Kevin Daly, a 65-year-old residing in New Jersey, felt that something is strange when he was hungry despite having lost 15.4 kg in 2015 It was. Mr. Daly is a type that improves exercise, although it does not like beer, it was "beer belly".

Male reflected in the picture below is Daly. The left is the operation before the operation, the right is the state after the operation.

As a result of receiving a CT scan at the hospital, Daly's stomachLiposarcomaIt is found that there is a malignant soft tissue tumor called. Liposarcoma is a developing tumor in adipose tissue, mainly seen in thighs, knees, abdomen. As the tumor giant, weight increases by 4.5kg ~ 9kg, but if there is a tumor in the abdomen it is also overlooked as "fat only". Including liposarcomaSoft tissue sarcomaThe number of reported cases is small, and it is said that the morbidity rate is 3.6 to 100,000 people.

If the existence of liposarcoma is detected, surgical resection is performed, but the operation of the liposarcoma in the abdomen becomes difficult because it is adjacent to the organ. In Mr. Daly's case the tumor is near one of the kidneys and it took four hours to completely remove the tumor. Doctors and others think that it will take 10 to 15 years for the tumor to grow to such a size.

Dr. Julio Teixeira, who performed the surgery, said, "It was the largest tumor removed so far", "the organ was out of the correct position because the size of the tumor was large."

According to Mayo Clinic, although the cause of liposarcoma is uncertain, it occurs when mutation occurs in adipocytes by genetic code. The grown tumor compresses the adjacent organs, and if it reaches its limit, some symptoms such as discomfort will appear in the patient. Associate Professor William Huang of the University of New York at Rangoron Health said, "I will do resection of liposarcoma several times a year, the biggest one I have done recently was 9 kg tumor excised in 2014. This surgery He was accompanied by resection of the spleen (adherent), adrenal glands, and kidneys, but the patient was living without getting sick after that. "

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