What is the foundation confidential story that YC founders who contributed to Dropbox startups talk about?

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online storageOperate the serviceDropboxI listed on the stock on March 23rd (Friday), 2018 in the United States time. Dropbox, which was a venture company at start-up, will enter later in the online storage industry where many competitors are, and will grow with the momentum to drop the flying birds. Jessica · Livingston and colleagues and others established the support of such Dropbox startup from the shadowY Combination (YC)It is the existence of. Drop Houston, CEO of Dropbox, acknowledged that the existence of YC's 2007 startup entrepreneurial event made a major contribution to the company's success. Mr. Livingstone at YC also talks about the founder's secret story, along with a message celebrating Dropbox's stock listing on the blog.

Congrats Dropbox!

According to Mr. Livingstone, "I wrote a check that is the first investment for Dropbox on June 26, 2007. Looking closely at the copy of the check, this investment amount will complete the Dropbox founding document "There was no doubt that there was a big effect," he says that YC's initial investment contributed greatly to the establishment of Dropbox.

When Mr. Houston applied for YC, he seems to have applied as a single founder, but YC said that he suggested that "co-founder is better". Later, Mr. Houston, who accepted YC's proposal, has found Mr. Arash Feldosch, who will become co-founder later.

Livingston said that when he talked with Mr. Houston and Mr. Feldosch on April 21, 2007, they felt a feeling that the two thinking services would bring a big result. At that time, it seems that all the founder of YC who has four people including Mr. Livingstone met two people, but he said that they all felt "they are amazing". Furthermore, to Triver Blackwell, one of the founder of YC, he was surprised to see the Dropbox demo program.

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According to Mr. Livingstone, there were many online storage services at that time, and no service was still in a position to win a decisive share. Houston and colleagues seemed to have thought that "You can win the competing service by creating an excellent online storage service better than anything", and I am coding Dropbox even at YC entrepreneurial events held in the summer of 2007 It is said that. And it seems that the same entrepreneurial group at the time and founder of Livingston and YC were involved as testers.

In August 2007, entrepreneurs present "Demo Day" to Boston investors collected by YC. At this time, Mr. Houston shows the rough skill of deleting the file of the presentation material being presented in the middle of presentation and recovering it using Dropbox's demo program.

Although this presentation impressed strongly the existence of Dropbox to investors, it seems that it was not so much as to write a check. However, after a week I gave presentations to Silicon Valley investors and it was the largest venture capital in the world that funded Apple and GoogleSequoia CapitalWe succeeded in financing from Dropbox and Dropbox activities started.

Mr. Livingston said, "I did not dream of a start-up company from YC who will be listed in stock in 2005 when it was founded, which is a big thing for us.Houston and Feldosi and the Dropbox team I am very proud of you! "

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