A trailer of Netflix original SF movie "Titan" is drawn depicting a man who was given the ultimate body remodeling plan by surviving the human race

Saturn's satellite from the devastated earth in nuclear warTitanBy the top secret plan to immigrate to the original SF movie depicting a man who underwent remodeling surgery to adapt to Titan's environment "TitanThe trailer of "is released. Appearance is the leading actor of "Avatar"Sam Worthington,Taylor Shilling,Tom WilkinsonEtc.

Titan | Netflix (Netflix) Official website

The "Titan" trailer can be confirmed from the following movie.

The Titan | Official Trailer HD (2018) | Netflix - YouTube

A missile is fired and an explosion takes place in the city.

It is reported that radioactive fallout covers the entire Pacific Ocean and on the television the federal government has declared Los Angeles as an uninhabitable area.

His wife is leaning on the shoulder of a man who sees the news on television. It looks like she is heading somewhere on the car.

The car goes to a military base with a size of 4 square miles (about 10 square kilometers).

To the question of men "Do you command NATO?"

It is a soldier who sees what it says "Lieutenant, secret mission".

"I am honored to be appointed, Sir, I will not let you down."

Resources of the Earth are depleted, and it is certain that it will starve to death in half of the world's population ten years from now.

So, the plans to emigrate to Titan, the largest satellite of Saturn, have been kept secret.

"You will be a remodeled person," several people including men were gathered at the base laboratory.

All subjects have undergone harsh training. "Some will drop out during training and many will be disqualified."

"If it is a forced evolution," the man asked ...

Answer that "I am talking about the survival of species".

The man's wife seems to have investigated the experiment being done at the base and warns "I am outrageous."

On the other hand, subjects under training are living together in a research facility.

Are they part of the training, subjects who jump into the pool. On the other hand, researchers walking on the poolside are wearing protective clothing for some reason.

A man telling that "I did not think that it looks like this" is sitting at the bottom of the pool.

However, the man 's wife was aware of her husband' s ills. The back of her husband gently stroking her gently curled her skin as if she had molted.

In addition, the color of the skin is obviously white.

Men suddenly breathe in and suffer.

"Move me," the man begs and begins to be transported and isolated in the laboratory.

A criticism saying "This is not a space research, it is a crime, it is becoming ferocious" is raised in such reshaping human research.

At the next moment, screams are heard from the shower room, people who fall down and fall are reflected

A man who says, "I can see everything and I want to do it to the end," I am staring at the pool far away without underwater glasses in the pool.

A man laying in bed is attached to a mysterious machine in his right eye and undergoes surgery.

My wife who put a blood stain on his face intensely stuffs that "something in him is alive", but "he is a soldier and can not return" will be coldly treated.

Men are covered with bandages for most of their faces.

Hair has been lost from the head of a man looking far in the pool again.

A wife desperately searching for a document finds a figure depicting the trajectory of human evolution in a certain room. On the far right was a note written "Homo Titanetus".

"If we can not control him humanity is killed."

And it was the eyes of something that I can not imagine being a human being.

A man whose skin has turned white slowly opens his eyes. There was a deep scratch engraved between its eyes.

"Titan" is planned to be distributed at Netflix, in Japan also from Friday, March 30, 2018.

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