Whether or not the last male dies and the mushrooms are virtually extinct, whether genes can be left depends on the success or failure of artificial insemination

The male malar that had only one in the world was euthanized and disposed of due to infection. As a result of this, the actual extinction of Russia was decided.

PRESS RELEASE | The last male northern white rhino dies | Ol Pejeta Conservancy

We announced that the male Daito "Sudan" that Kenya's only Pepheta nature reserve, the only one in the world, remained dead. Sudan at the age of 45 was treating complications associated with aging, but because it caused skin inflammation over a wide range and muscle and bone degeneration advanced, it finally became unable to stand up, so Sudan with 45 years old The veterinary team in Kenya wildlife reserve decided to euthanize.

A subspecies of white rhinocerus, Rhododendron species has once been confirmed to inhabit more than 1000 individuals, but because horns of white rhinoceros have been useful as Chinese herbs in China, poaching trafficked in the 1970s and 1980s, Has drastically decreased. It seems that 20 to 30 wild rodents remaining in the Republic of Congo were confirmed to have been extinct by the end of 2008 by the Civil Civil War.

After that, in 2009, two male survived at the Duver Clarobae Zoo in Czech Republic, four of the two females were transferred to Kenya to avoid extinction and tried breeding. Kaenia, like its original habitat, Zaire (now Congo), is considered to be optimal for breeding as it is mild and safe in climate, he said he was chosen as the last chance to avoid extinction. Four heads transferred to the Or Peepa Nature Reserve were thoroughly protected by the armed team on a 24-hour basis.

Although the mating behavior was confirmed among the four sea cucumber, it seems that it did not finally reach the pregnancy at last. Furthermore, in 2014, attempts were made to mate with the male Japanese white rhinocerosa, trying to leave the gene even in half, but it still fails. It has been found that natural hybridization does not work. After that, when the male "sun" of the mushrooms died in 2014, the last hope was supposed to be entrusted to Sudan.

About the death of Sudan, the last male female born born in the wild, the Or Peñeta Nature Reserve states that "human beings are a symbol of cruelty that ignored nature." At the same time, we declare that "we should not give up."

And the Or Peñeta Nature Reserve launched the Cloud Funding project to leave Sudan's memory.

DONATE IN MEMORY OF SUDAN | Ol Pejeta Conservancy

This project set the target amount to $ 25,000 (about 2.6 million yen) as "for Sudan's memory". Since the two female surviving females "Fatu" and "Nadjin" are reproductive healthy bodies, we are seeking support for research activities to leave the gene of Okinawarosai by in vitro fertilization.

The Or Peñeta Nature Reserve safely takes out the eggs of the two female Ribbons, and after in vitro fertilization using the sperm collected so far, it returns to the uterus of the female Minami silosai, and the surrogate mother gives birth We are planning to plan. It is estimated that the cost of this artificial insemination project will total 9 million dollars (about 960 million yen). It seems that it depends on the success of the surrogate mother's birth using Mrs.

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