Specification will be added to force Microsoft Edge to disclose links in Windows 10 mail application

We found that Microsoft is planning to introduce a specification that forcibly opens the link destination in the Windows 10 mail application with "Microsoft Edge" of the Windows 10 standard browser.

Microsoft wants to force Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge for email links - The Verge

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it is not default browser • The Register

Verify future version of Windows 10Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17623"It was revealed that Microsoft will conduct a test" Open link clicked on Windows 10 mail application with Edge ". With this change, even if the user uses a browser other than Edge as the standard browser, the link destination in the mail application will be opened at Edge.

For reasons why it is opened at the Edge instead of a user-specified browser, Microsoft explains "Edge is the most secure browser on Windows 10".

However, "The mail application on Windows is not important, so this change has little impact on most users," The Register coldly states.

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