Twitter policies to ban ads in virtual currencies obviously follow Facebook and Google

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It was revealed that Twitter is a policy to exclude advertisements on virtual currencies from the same platform. This regulation is expected to be strictly applied with a few exceptions.

Twitter to prohibit range of cryptocurrency ads

Twitter is reportedly planning to ban cryptocurrency ads - The Verge

British news mediaSky NewsAccording to the report, Twitter is a policy to eliminate advertisement of virtual currency in a manner that follows the movement of Facebook, Google, etc. This is a decision as it is pointed out that the virtual currency is used for "fraud cases related to virtual currency" and "money laundering" to wash off illegally obtained money.

According to Sky News, Twitter is planning to update advertisement policies soon, in whichICO(Initial coin offering: opening new virtual currency), sales of tokens, virtual currency wallet and so on. Also within that, advertising on virtual currency trading will be regulated, with a few exceptions.

There are troubles around the world over the virtual currency, and among them, alleged cases of fraud over ICO are occurring frequently. ICO is a method of collecting funds by companies issuing virtual currencies themselves, and there is no illegality in itself, but by misusing this mechanism, it collects only money and finally disappears An incident has occurred.

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There is a worldwide movement wary of such a situation. In the beginning of 2018, Facebook also launched a new policy prohibiting advertisement on virtual currency from June 2018Announcing.

Facebook announces new policy prohibiting advertisement of virtual currency - GIGAZINE

The virtual currency itself indicates the possibility of new money, and there are concerns that concern may be tied up by frequent exploitation. It is awaiting the appearance of measures to enhance its reliability.

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