New evidence that 'Essential oils of plant origin makes boy' s breasts' is found

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Essential oil (essential oil)Is a volatile oil that is produced in the plant body. The extracted essential oils are used as perfumes for various cosmetic products and medicines, and are used in expectation of treatment / cosmetic effects, but "Essential oils may increase the boy's bosom" Research results have been announced.

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The suspicion that "the use of lavender and tea tree derived essential oils is related to abnormal breasts of boys?"It existed from a long time agoHowever, it turned out that eight kinds of chemical substances containing new essential oil inhibited the androgenic hormones.

The phenomenon that the boy 's chest becomes enlarged like a female is "GynecomastiaIt is said that the biggest cause is disturbed hormonal balance. The hormone found to inhibit the essential oil in this study is "testosteroneIt is a type of male hormone. Also, it is a female hormone for essential oilsestrogenIt also said that it had the effect of strengthening.

I led the researchNorth Carolina State National Institute for Environmental Health (NIEHS)Mr. Tyler Ramsay of Mr. Tyler Ramsay said, "Plant-derived essential oils tend to be considered safe, but in reality there are risks that a number of chemical substances contained in essential oils may disrupt the hormonal balance" It is.

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The increase in gynecomastia cases in boys is believed to be related to the increase in people who fill the body with essential oils, and most of the symptoms fit after stopping oil application. In the research, we examined eight important chemical substances out of a number of chemical substances contained in essential oils of lavender and tea tree.

Chemical substances contained in both lavender and tea tree are "Cineol"Terpinen-4-ol"Limonene"TerpineolFour kinds of. Excluding that"Linalyl acetate"Linalool"Alpha-terpinene"Gamma - Terpinene"It is said that one of lavender and tea tree is oil-containing.

The research team has analyzed the changes of chemical substances on human cancer cells and announced that these chemicals exerted the effect of inhibiting male hormones and promoting female hormones. Mr. Ramsay says, "These chemicals are included in 65 essential oils and need further research." The impact of long-term use of these essential oils is unconfirmed at the time of article creation.

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"Of course, feminized breast cases do not appear in all boys using essential oils, and there are individual differences in the effects of chemical substances, and in the case of onset, it is possible to apply oil excessively There is also sex, "said Rohan Hughes, professor emeritus professor of pediatrics at the University of Cambridge.

Incidentally,Aromatherapy Trade CouncilIn the guidelines for using essential oils,

1: Please be careful when using high concentration essential oil
2: Please do not apply the stock solution directly to the skin
3: If you are pregnant, please use it after receiving a doctor, midwife, aromatherapist diagnosis
4: Never use undiluted solution for children under 3 years of age
5: Essential oils and aromatherapy products are safe for all people when used properly

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