A movie that you can see well that VFX of the movie "Shape of Water" is "used so far!"

"Pacific Rim"ofGuillermo del ToroIn the latest director's work, the Academy Award won four awards, including a prize for worksShape of WaterWhere is VFX used? A movie clarifying that it is on the market is on sale. Of course, the semi-fisherman's "he" is VFX, but I can understand well that VFX is used up to the part "in such a place ???".

The Shape Of Water VFX Showreel

First of all, there is a sight that the building is burning beyond the signboard with the light.

The cityscape underlying the above is like this. There are no signs, there are buildings in the back, but the depths are different.

Add a signboard, remove the actual building, place another building in the back with CG.

A car ahead is removed and a fire occurs. Road will be flooded like rain.

The car is placed again ......

Overall the screen became darker & the contrast became stronger, with the signs on the signs complete with the lights.

Next, Octavia Spencer serving as Zelda is standing in the greenback studio. What is this scene ......

A scene where I work at the Aerospace Research Center.

An aviation engine emerges where there is nothing.

If you overlap the effect, the reality will increase further. I adjusted the lighting and highlighted the situation that Zelda and Eliza were cleaning the engine under the engine.

Next, the cityscape of the daytime. This is also a greenback on the left side.

At first the buildings are erased all at once ......

The scenery of the left half is total replacement.

Trees are planted beside the road, windows are attached to the buildings.

Processing the remaining greenback and stretching the electric wire, the 1960s America was reproduced.

Next, the scene where Eliza heads to the waterside.

First of all, all the ships on the left side are erased ......

Buildings and artifacts were cleaned up.

A new building was built ......

Arrange ships and others. Reflection of the surface of the water is changing according to changes on the ground.

This is the finished form.

"He" which seems to be a half-fish person likewise looks like this at the beginning. The imitation sense is amazing.

It is a scene that Eliza sweeps with a light footstep in front of "him".

The completed image is a kore.

Does the reality increase so far ...?! It seems to be one scene.

Obviously a creature-like "he" ... ...

It will be like this.

What is this scene ......

A scene where Eliza plays water droplets with his fingertips. Water droplets sticking to windows and moving water droplets are also VFX.

The scene that water flows into the room at once when the door opens ......

Several tubes were installed in the door from where water was flowing. Tables and baskets etc were also made graphically.

The tube is turned off, and the scene that the water flows out from the back of the room is completed.

In addition to this, the movie shows how the image is processed by VFX, and as it prepays for the movie, it seems that the emotion seems to deepen even after watching the movie.

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