A Blue Angeles movie flying at intervals of just tens of centimeters is amazing at the level that praises "taste crazy"

The acrobat flight team belonging to the US Navy "Blue Angels"Is known for showing one of the most brilliant formation flights in the world using the military aircraft" F / A-18 "Hornet" ". A movie shot from the close range of the state of the acrobatic flight approaching so that two wings of such "blue" can touch a little more with a little more is released.

This Cockpit Video Of The Blue Angels Flying Just Inches Apart In Formation Is Nuts - The Drive

This picture belonged to the Canadian acrobatic team "Snowbirds" once, after retiring the YouTube channel "Match Productions"Matsuei" Match "Hatta-san published by Mr. Hatta who is producing a number of aircraft-related images mainly on acrobatic flight. Why is not that video on YouTube, first published on Twitter.

While two F / A - 18 banks the aircraft, superb flight flight at the contact frustration. Although you can understand when you watch the movie, the technique to make a turning flight while saying "hit"!

If you look closely, another machine is flying further beyond the two aircraft, and together with the shooting aircraft, four F / A - 18s are making "diamond flights" lined with diamonds I understand this. This picture was taken on March 10, 2018 in Blue Angels, which started in El Centro, California2018 seasonIt was taken at the first show.

At the end of the movie, Mr. Hatta, who was sitting in the back seat and shooting, poses. The aircraft at the back of this diamond formation is called "slot", and it seems that there are times when photographers are often used for taking photos as it is possible to capture the state of the formation most successfully.

According to Official Twitter of the US Armed Forces Headquarters in Japan, when it comes closest to formation flight of Blue Angels, it will approach the next aircraft and 18 inches (about 45 cm). However, it seems that this time it came close to 45 cm or less.

Blue Angels was founded in 1946 with the aim of "maintaining interest in the mass naval air force," and is doing an acrobatic flight show around the country. Although it is a team boasting high maneuvering skills, in 2016 there is an accident that the pilot dies after crashing for some reason shortly after takeoff during training.

US acrobat flight team, successive crashes, one death Thunderbirds and Blue Angels - Reading and looking at photos - Sanmi photo

Still the dynamic Blue Angels show is gaining a lot of popularity. The following movie is a happening situation that a tent and a chair are rolled up by the air current generated by the aircraft flying low on the surprise during the air show being held at the beach. You can see how many of the audience are enjoying cheering up to the scenes that you can not normally do.

Blue Angels Fly By - YouTube

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