BlackBerry makes a trial against Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram etc. as "patent infringed"


BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against the major SNS service providers such as Facebook, WhatApp, Instagram, in the United States as having mimicked the technology and features of its "BlackBerry Messanger".

BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram over patent infringement

BlackBerry Sues Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Alleging Patent Infringement - Variety

BlackBerry is March 6, 2018, "the defendant security technology and user interface BlackBerry has been developed, functional enhancement techniques, such as create a mobile messaging applications that have incorporated the" sued the federal Los Angeles Supreme Court against the SNS companies as I woke up.

This case is one of the strategies that BlackBerry's current CEO John Chen is advancing and it can be said that it is part of the company's earnings, that is, a move to secure money by bringing a lawsuit against patent infringement . BlackBerry spokesperson Sarah McKinley replied to Reuters' interview that "It is all CEO's job to protect shareholder's assets and intellectual property," and at the same time such a lawsuit "BlackBerry's It is not the main thing in the strategy. "

BlackBerry is also said to be the creator of the genre "smartphone"US President Obama used BlackBerryHe was proud of his high profile. Until a smartphone terminal appeared from other companies we had a large market share, but we lost the offensive against Android handsets and iPhones and the presence in the smartphone market wasAlmost disappear. McKinley also said the case is the result of negotiations with defendants over several years and BlackBerry also states that it owes the obligation to take appropriate legal solutions to shareholders.

Facebook is showing a battle against litigation, Paul Glewol, the company's next legal advisor, said in a statement "The lawsuit raised by BlackBerry no longer stops pursuing innovation and advances the messaging business It reflects the company's current situation, BlackBerry is trying to collect taxes on the innovation of others, "a cold comment is made.

BlackBerry, whose smartphone business is largely shrinking, is increasingly seeking to pay royalties for over 40,000 international patents owned by the company. Some of these technologies include those in the fields of OS, network infrastructure, acoustic technology, messaging, cyber security and others. In addition, the company is also promoting efforts to sell cyber security technology for automatic driving cars.

Protect UEM, mobile productivity, collaboration

Although this case is unlikely to be thoughtful when it knows the momentum of the former BlackBerry this time, it can be accepted that it is a natural strategy in a sense to ask corporations to pay for patented technology in a legitimate way. Whether BlackBerry's appeal will be recognized against the huge SNS companies, I'm curious about the litigation.

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