I tried a raw pasta "lemon cream of grilled chicken" with a rich cream sauce plus lemon acidity and aroma at the first kitchen · wendies

Starting on March 5, 2018 (Monday), a new menu of raw pasta "lemon cream of grilled chicken" has appeared as a new product of spring at the first kitchen and first kitchen · wendies nationwide. Since the newly added raw pasta was a piece that can enjoy "flavor, volume, fragrance" using lemon cream made from Setouchi Hiroshima prefecture, juicy grilled chicken, and spring vegetables asparagus , I actually eat pasta.

Spring raw pasta "Lilly cream of grilled chicken" released! NEWS - First Kitchen

Spring raw pasta "Lilly cream of grilled chicken" released! NEWS - Wendy's x First Kitchen

I came to First Kitchen · Wendies.

We will order "Lemon cream of grilled chicken" of 690 yen including tax in the shop. If you add 50 yen plus you can change pasta to low sugar noodles.

"Lilly cream of grilled chicken" arrives in about 3 minutes. There is a fragrance that a refreshing lemon and cream sauce combine.

In pasta dishes, white "lemon cream" pasta sauce is "grilled chicken", vivid spring vegetables, "asparagus" are interspersed. Lemon juice and lemon peel from Setouchi Hiroshima prefecture are used for pasta sauce material.

The long side of the container containing pasta, compared with the long side of iPhone 7, is like this.

Soft grilled chicken is fragrant, and spicyness of coarse black pepper is stimulating appetite.

Brilliant asparagus will entertain you with chewing sweetness of vegetables and chewy texture of crisp fiber.

Raw pasta is rich and toothy. The cream sauce that is tangled firmly with pasta is thick, but the acidity produced by the fruit juice of lemon tightens the whole. The refreshing fragrance of fruit juice and lemon peel makes it a refined aftertaste, and "hands with a fork" and "another mouth" will advance. The raw teaspotted with raw pasta,Match the materials such as wheat flour with a vacuum mixerBecause it cooked noodles on a frying pan in the store after receiving orders. According to this recipe, it is possible to provide raw pasta without waiting for 5 minutes from the order.

"Lemon cream of grilled chicken" is on sale at the first kitchen nationwide and at the first kitchen · wendy's store.

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