The latest fishing cruiser with price 26.5 million yen "Yanmar EX 34" I got on ahead of the official announcement

It will be held from 8th March to 11th March 2018Japan International Boat Show 2018soYanmar, A new boat equipped with a hull adopting a new structure with the concept of "next generation fishing cruiser" and a common rail type diesel turbo engine incorporating new electronic control "EX 34We will announce. In the domestic, March 8 was the first to be released, but as I had the opportunity to touch the new boat as soon as possible, I actually watched what the boat is like with a standard price of 26.5 million yen It was.

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I visited the Yanmar shipbuilding company in Oita Prefecture. It is a factory that produces all of the ships produced by Yanmar.

The new boat 'EX 34' was waiting for a news reporters at the marina adjacent to the factory. A marine vessel seat called "Flying Bridge" set on a regular cabin draws attention.

The EX 34 is a "fishing cruiser" with a hull of 10.63 m in length, 3.30 m in full width and 1.9 m in full depth, sharp design such as "Broken Shear" where the height of the ship's shoulder line changes in the fore and aft. A pleasure boat suitable for enjoying fishing in the coastal area, the total tonnage exceeds 5 tons, up to 12 people got on board and equipped with equipment to increase luxury so that cruising can be enjoyed as well as fishing.

Looking backwards is like this. The flying bridge is supposed to climb through the ladder, which will be described later but the view from above is very refreshing. Also, on the stern part, by equipping a foothold called "transom step" and a door called "transom gates" in a form that they protrude from the hull, it is possible to correspond to full-fledged trolling which catches big things.

I looked up at the flying bridge. In the EX 34, a new type of flying bridge has been introduced, and the impact that it does not lose the image of the hull and the form of the voluminous side are features. Sharp design blends into the hull, perfect for the image "cruiser" exactly. The boat which I tried this time is a prototype boat, and it is "almost product version", but it seems that there are change points in the details of the design.

A large sliding door is provided behind the cabin, and entering and leaving the cabin is easy. If you close the door even during cruising, there will be no splash of waves coming in. Also, the wide deck section "AFT Deck" has a layout that can be adapted to various fishing camouflage such as "AFTSINK" which can be washed with fresh water and "spanker" and "Fighting chair" for fishing.

I tried climbing the flying bridge. White has become the keynote coloring, the contrast with the blue sky is perfect. I want to go cruising by this far away island ... this moment when I got such a feeling.

A seat with a good cushion with an armrest is used in the steering seat.

Sitting on the driver's seat, you can enjoy a very nice view. It is said that this height is also for quickly finding points better able to catch better during fishing as well as good viewing.

There is a throttle lever on the right hand part ... ...

On the right side of the steering wheel there is a lever for operating the engine control unit and the "thruster" for moving the hull in parallel to the left and right.

Switch on the wiper switch and washer fluid on the left of the handle. A controller of the dynamic trim control system "Zipwake" for improving ride comfort and fuel consumption by controlling the inclination (pitch / roll) of the hull was installed, but in the commercial model manual type trim control is adopted That's right.

I am glad to see the ground, cup holders are also equipped.

Actually watched the EX 34 from the following movie. The pleasant run in the sea on a fine day was very refreshing.

You came on a 26.5 million yen fishing cruiser 'Yanmar EX 34 (prototype boat)' - YouTube

After enjoying the flying bridge, next to the cabin. The cabin with a capacity of six people has become a relaxed space, and comfort has been enhanced such as seat with armrest and bench seat that can arrange multiple seats. The interior dimensions of the cabin are 1870 mm in width × 2700 mm in depth × 1830 mm in height.

The main driver's seat and navigator seat improve the ride feeling by incorporating a damper function on the shaft. The seat with an armrest and smooth texture of the material was a soft comfortable seating.

In front of us, a tough handle like this is settled.

It has become a design with a three-dimensional feeling.

Since the engine was electronically controlled from EX 34, the arrangement around the meter increased. In addition to analog type engine tachometer, hydraulic pressure gauge, boost gauge, it is equipped with multi information display of liquid crystal display, etc.

This is a water temperature gauge, fuel gauge and so on.

On the right side of the seat, throttle lever and thruster lever etc were arranged.

Under the levers, a power panel that controls the electricity inside the ship. Supplies electric power to the inverter air conditioner and the AC 100 V power supply inside the ship by installing the charger (2.5 kW) of the main machine front drive system connected to the engine and the DC - AC inverter (3 kW) as standard. Also, at the time of "Marina Stay" where you will be living near the marina, you can optionally install a device that can receive "Land Electric" that supplies electricity from the land, and you can stop the engine and stay comfortable at the time of staying It will be.

In front of the driver's seat, there is something like a passage ......

In the "Hull" space behind it, there was a sofa where several people can relax. In order to improve the comfort of living, I heard that this hull space uses interior materials with a texture different from the others.

It is possible to relax by several people, taking in light from the daylighting window overhead of Hull space. A small table is also placed, and the mood is a little cruise ship.

Because the air of the air conditioner is sent also to the bow berth, although it is a back space, it seems to be comfortable. Open the door in front and there ... ...

Separate toilet. It is equipped with an electric type marine toilet, sink and room light, and it is said that it realizes a space that takes care of women.

There is also a lighting window in the toilet and it seems to be able to take a breath while watching the scenery outside the ship. In addition, it seems that the interior height of the toilet is 1,700 mm.

Next time, go to the side of the cabin and go to the "bow deck" in front of the ship.

The bow deck at the bow is the main stage at the time of fishing. It is said that improvements have been added for that.

The metal handrail "Pulpit" is increased in height from 630 mm to 860 mm, and the bow deck is widening the casting space by reducing the step surface to which the foot is put.

Standing on the bow deck, looking back and looking at the cabin.

A lighting window that incorporates light into the bow-berth.

The bow deck at the bow portion and the aft deck at the stern have large and small storage spaces and "Ikezu" to put the caught fish and take it home.

When I went out to the sea by Yanmar's maneuvering, I was surprised by the powerful acceleration force that the editorial staff who was almost the first experience of this type of ship was thinking "Majika". The common rail type electronically controlled diesel turbo engine "6LY440J" installed in Japan is the first installed type with a maximum output of 324 kW (440 ps). It is said that low vibration and low noise are realized by mounting this engine via the engine anti-vibration support and the cabin floor soundproof structure.

It is said that new technologies are also adopted for propellers that change the power of the engine to driving force. On the day, I was able to see a rare scene that lifts a ship using a large crane. Thus, when the EX 34 enters into a large frame ... ...

Using two belts the crane lifts the ship from the bottom as it is. I was surprised at the spectacle that I have not seen so much everyday.

Continue to Vienna and land. There is not much opportunity to see the bottom of the boat from this angle.

The uneven "hull" part is a new structure, and "outer chine" for improving wave cutting and reducing resistance is provided. Also, one of the features of EX 34 is in the construction method of this hull part. "FRP" which is made by hardening glass fiber with resin is used for the hull, but when manufacturing the hull part, "Vacuum infusion construction method" which raises the strength by raising the density of the processing part by making the processing part vacuum is carried out It is said that it is adopted.

Trying that part with a finger "Concon" as a test, although it is FRP, it was a response that I thought as "Iron?!" It is said that the EX 34 has realized a ride comfort and stability of one class, as the strength has increased and the length of the ship 's water sinking "water submarine length" has become longer.

I also approached the propeller of the stern part.

The propeller uses a new shape "end plate propeller" whose tip is bent to 90 degrees, which means that vibration reduction and acceleration force are realized. Even so, if the propeller of about 60 cm in diameter produces such acceleration force ... ... I will be surprised by its performance again.

On the propeller, optional equipment "thruster" for moving the hull to the left and right is mounted sideways. By the way, the metal that is attached with the bolt in front is the zinc plate. Receiving static electricity generated in water more quickly with this zinc prevents metal parts such as propeller and shaft from being charged and corroding.

Like this, the EX 34 which felt beyond expectations and even a high-class feeling felt the standard price was 26.5 million yen. In addition, the ship that I was tested this time is said to be in the "almost full option" state, and the price seems to be approaching level of 40 million yen. It seems that it is not easy to get it by yourself, but when you are on a boat that cuts the waves and is tremendously sluggish,When I tried on the LamborghiniIt is a ride that has such a charm that the feeling that "like this ship aiming for a life with a certain aim, it is certainly a good thing ..." will rise up with jiwiwa.

Since the EX 34 is also exhibited at "Japan International Boat Show 2018" to be held from March 8 to March 11, 2018, it may be good to take a look at a slightly different world from usual everyday .

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