Possibility of the first country to eradicate cervical cancer by vaccination


Causes cervical cancerHuman papilloma virusIn Australia where a program that allows students to vaccinate free of charge (HPV) vaccine has been introduced, it was announced that the rate of HPV infection has drastically decreased. Researchers see Australia as "the first country to eradicate cervical cancer".

Queensland researcher sets Australia up to be first country to eliminate cervical cancer

Australia could become first country to eradicate cervical cancer | Society | The Guardian

It is said that HPV is 99.9% of the cause of cervical cancer, and Australia began offering free vaccine to girls aged 12 to 13 from 2007. Subsequently, in 2013 the program was expanded to boys, boys and girls under the age of 19 were eligible for 2 vaccinations for free. As of 2016, 78.6% of 15 - year - old girls and 72.9% of juveniles vaccinated in Australia.

International Papillomavirus Society (International Papillomavirus Society / IPVS)Journal of Infectious DiseasesAccording to the content announced in 2005, the percentage of women aged 18 to 24 who infected HPV in 2005 from 20 years to 2015 decreased from 22.7% to 1.1%. In response to the findings, IPVS stated that "cervical cancer may soon disappear from public health problems."

IPVS is an association founded by HPV · cervical cancer researchers including Professor Susan Garland of the University of Melbourne who advises WHO on prevention and examination of cervical cancer. Professor Garland says "Australia may be the first country to achieve a milestone of eradication of cervical cancer" "The incidence of cervical cancer about 1000 annually is now 30 to 40 years We anticipate that it will fall to only a few cases. "

Vaccine against HPV "GardasilDr. Ian Fraser of the University of Queensland, who developed "The Australian Government has taken the lead in introducing the HPV vaccine and made it possible for school students to receive vaccines for free" "This is a great success story of medicine research, medical research can identify the cause of the problem and draw a solution about our problems," "I was responsible for this part role I am pleased that, but I am a small part of the story. "

In addition, the Australian Government has introduced sophisticated uterus cancer examination in December 2017, Professor Fraser sees that the presence of examination also plays a major role in eradicating cervical cancer. "If you continue the testing program, we can continue to find infected people.If vaccination continues, new cases will not be found after 10 to 20 years." " There are only 50 to 60% of women who are receiving it, but if 100% of women participate in the testing program, even women who become uterus cancer without vaccination will not be in this country, "Fraser said I talked.

byPan American Health Organization PAHO

Professor Garland says that the eradication of cervical cancer depends on both the vaccination rate and the test rate, and calls on parents to vaccinate their children. As of 2018, the percentage of high school students receiving vaccination is 77%, Professor Garland said about 20% of the children "lost the opportunity to prevent cervical cancer and HPV related sexually transmitted diseases "I said. "There are parents who are concerned about safety, but in many cases it works safely.This is a very safe vaccine, parents compare the two risks of cancer and side effects I have to do it. "

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