What is the phenomenon "healing" that the disease goes back to recovery by being filled with the heart?


The phenomenon that a patient recovers by having a positive feeling in a patient who is sick is called "healing" from some people. There is a range in the degree of recovery by this phenomenon, and scientific research is not progressed because there are many triggers to be generated. The American scientific media Scientific American introduces the episode of a person who tried to investigate such a mysterious phenomenon for the family who intervenes with the patient.

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Michael Bischoff, a 47-year-old man living in Minneapolis, USA, received a diagnosis of "life expectancy 18 months" with a brain tumor that is a cancer of the brain. However, three years since the diagnosis has been continuing to confront the disease even now, the disease condition is headed for improvement. Mr. Bischoff, a husband with a family and the father of the child, wishes that the disease will recover and live longer.

The disease suffering from Bishoff is the same "glioblastoma" (glioblastoma) as the topic of the American senator John McCain Republican lawmaker announcing the medical condition, its illness There is almost no hand to hand over the progress of. Mr. Bischoff is now aware of being healthy at every moment and now puts more emphasis on "healing" (being healed).

Mr. Bischoff says, "Sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River" and "Riding a bicycle in various weather conditions" as much as treatment methods such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc. "When sitting on the sofa with the family "I love myself" such as "spending time" and "spending time". Mr. Bischoff said, "Even if I am to die tomorrow, I would like to thank you for this miraculous recovery now."

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Mr. Liwanag Ohara, CEO of a nonprofit organization "CaringBridge" to support families who are looking for medical methods, has seen several cases of healing in the patient's body. Mr. O'Hara says, "Our team has seen all kinds of families becoming united again after the patient is facing any health crisis that is declared by the doctor, illness, injury, preterm birth or unimaginable," I will talk.

Mr. O'Hara says, "When we open up an online journal about family members who are interwoven with patients, we can support patients being loved by the reactions we release, and we believe that" healing "will occur. And we believe that this activity is worthwhile, healing will make the family positive with things to leave, regardless of whether it leads to health outcomes. "

But what exactly is healing? Members of Ohara and other non-profit organizations CaringBridge tried to research and share the framework of science field of healing and episodes like Bishoff to delve into this complicated proposition. However, I found that there are few empirical studies on healing topics. Mr. O'Hara and others asked Dr. Mary Joe Clizzer of the University of Minnesota for interpretation of healing stuff and Mr. Earl E. Bucken, director of the spiritual & healing center of the university.


On the other hand, Dr. Clyzer said that "There is no universal definition for healing". The reason is that it can not be defined precisely how the restoration of the mind and spirit will be, so it is difficult to set it as a research topic compared to physical therapy. Dr. Clyzzer told me that this is a toothy scientist. However, Dr. Kreizzer defines healing as "nursing aspect" and defines it as "unity of body, mind and spirit". According to Dr. Clyzzer, in a broad sense, there are some evidences of this view.

An example given by Dr. Wayne Jonas, published in 2017, confirmed that it is possible to remove pain from injury by healing, in a study by medical doctor. Mr. Jonas, Executive Director of Samuel Integrated Integrated Health Program, studied healing science in his book "How Healing Works" (healing mechanism), 80% of healing is a mental and physical connection Dr. Clyzer said he said that it would happen in the organs through.

How Healing Works: Get Well and Stay Well Using Your Hidden Power to Heal: Wayne Jonas M.D .: 9780399579240: Amazon.com: Books

Mr. O'Hara et al. Cared for the expectation that healing and healing of the family will be possible through more research, the system which allows patients to use unapproved medications in situations such as when there is no alternative therapy at the University of Minnesota We cooperated with research on "Passionate Technology". The subjects of this research included data from the University's computer science and engineering faculties, nursing departments, and spiritual & healing centers. The goal is to demonstrate the basis of receiving healing benefits through analysis of data sets from 50 million online journal articles that deleted individual names and personal information. According to Mr. O'Hara, this behavior is in line with what Einstein's word "all countable is not important, not all important things can be counted".

Episodes about healing like Bischoff's family are based on the web series "CaringBridge, a nonprofit organization"How We Heal(How do we heal)? " The following is a partial excerpt.

A young woman who died a 35 - year - old husband with two Olympic experiences became a nurse in oncology. This woman said that helping others is my healing.

While a young man was driving a cottage at the Chevrolet pickup truck, he fell into a state on the verge of getting a heart attack and dying. To tell the man, I was always trying not to feel depressed. Then, I recovered by the time I could drive the truck again. The doctor never thought that the man was completely relieved.

◆ A 24 - year - old woman who had been treated for breast cancer was brought to healing and peace when the audience was playing with the piano with the piano in the state of the god alone at the workplace church.
The woman said that singing and dedicating prayers will give himself healing and peace.

A man who experienced the Gulf War suffered from melanoma, a type of cancer, and lost sight of one eye. The man marked "c - a - n - c - e - r" (cancer) on the wall behind the garage and aimed it with a favorite air gun and kept saying "I will not lose to you and I will bite you." He was healed by the action of shooting and killing cancer.

How We Heal: A New Series | CaringBridge

According to Mr. O'Hara, what happened by the patient and his family who once wiped off again in hell while being scolded off by hell is that what he thought would not have happened was actually "healing It shows that it can happen as a case example. Mr. O'Hara says, "In the range we observed, healing is different for everyone, and its definition may always be difficult, but that magic is worth considering, so who It is necessary to believe that you are in a place where the power of healing can reach. "

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