The Twitter bookmark function can be used by all users, avoiding the phenomenon that 'good likes' are notified to followers

When I thought of posts that I found on Twitter's timeline "watching later", I had the option of attaching "nice" so far. However, the tweets that pushed "Like" are listed to other users in an open state, and the information that "Mr. ○ ○ liked it" could be sent to the follower timeline. A private bookmark function was wanted from users who want to avoid such a situation, but Twitter eventually released the bookmark function.

An easier way to save and share Tweets

Twitter is rolling out Bookmarks to all users today - The Verge

The operability of the Twitter bookmark function can be confirmed with the animation GIF in the tweet below.

In the new Twitter, the "share" icons are arranged in the place where the direct message icon was before so tap this first.

Tap on "Send by direct message" and "Share tweets with e-mail or text message" there is an option to "Add tweets to bookmarks".

Return to the timeline and tap your profile picture in the top left of the screen.

"Bookmarks" is lined up in the menu, so when you press this ... ...

The tweet you bookmarked is saved.

The bookmark function is iOS · Android application,Twitter Lite, It is under development sequentially on the mobile version of

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