I ate the rabbit "Asakari Udon" in the compatibility of the compatibility of the scent of the iso and the spicy spicy butter flavor soup

From Thursday, March 1, 2018, from Naka urch for a limited time "Udon noodles with clams"Is newly appearing. Udon with plenty of shelled clams, it was said that the smell of the tide spread out every mouth every time you eat a bite, so I tried to eat it quickly and see what kind of menu it is.

Let 's feel the spring with "Noodle" in advance! ~ A lot of umami "Asakari Udon" new release! ~ | Information | Rice bowl and Kyoto style udon noodles

Arrived in Naka.

"Asakata Udon" was offered in about 5 minutes after handing the ticket purchased with the ticket vending machine to the clerk.

"Asakari Udon" has clamshell clams and chopped green onions.

Looking closely, pepper is attached to the shell, and the seasoning is like a spicy spirit.

The clams are firmly covered with shells.

When scooping up the soup, the rice oil is floating on a slightly brownish muddy soup, and the smell of butter and the iso irritates appetite.

When you eat udon together with peeled clams, the compatibility of clams and sliced ​​udon noodle with exquisite soybean flavor and spicy soup seeped in is excellent. The soup became thicker with the flavor of butter, and it was not bored and it was eaten to the end.

If you throw out the removed shells into the empty dish that comes with them, OK.

In addition, "Asakari Udon" is a limited-time menu from March 1, 2018 (late Thursday) to late April, with 590 yen (tax included) in parallel and 340 yen (tax included) in small udon I will.

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