A fierce man who made a dedicated cat monitoring device with face recognition technology that loves cats appeared

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With face recognition technology using machine learning, as accuracy improvesiPhone Face IDIn China,It was used for police investigationdoing. Meanwhile, a man in the Netherlands is talked about "I created a cat face authentication device".

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File exchange serviceWe TransferHe is a front engineer inArkaitz GarroIn the garden of Mr. 's house, the same cat has come to come often for several years. Mr. Garro said that the cat had put it in the house when he saw that the cat was looking through the garden window. Recently Garro tried to find out that the cat named "Bobis" cared about it. Then, although it was not a domestic cat of somewhere, it seems that it knows that the neighborhood including Garro is being cut off.

Garro says, "When Bobis comes to the garden, I'd like to get inside the house without waiting outside until I notice it," and to develop "a device that will notify me when Bobis comes to the garden" I decided.

Garro is a cheap single board computerRaspberry Pi (raspberry pie)Install a camera module with a motion sensor on it and set it to take pictures automatically when Bobis appears in the garden. It is a cloud-based free image recognition platform that takes pictures takenAWS REKOGNITIONAutomatically, and if the photo uploaded to the cloud matches Bobis's face, GarroSlackIt seems that the message is reachable by.

"The assembly of the device was completed in about a few hours, but it took a little more time to adjust the software to work properly afterwards," Garro said, and the cost it took was about $ 50 ( About 5500 yen) It is said that it is about.

The device seems to be able to recognize the face of Bobis almost certainly if Bobis firmly faces the camera, and AWS REKOGNITION seems to firmly recognize cat face even.

Although Garro has developed a pet face recognition device in its own way, people with pet doors on their doors can do DIY using IoT Core equipped with Windows 10 for pets exclusively for pets. It takes about 10 hours to set up, but people interested may try to make it for a beloved pet.

Building a pet recognition door Using Windows 10 IoT Core

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