Publish movie "PAPERS, PLEASE" for free, visualize games that become immigration inspectors and locate illegal immigrants

A game that makes it an immigration officer who works in a fictional Communist state "Alstocca", distinguishes spies and terrorists of enemy countries that can be confused among ordinary travelers "Papers, Please"is. This game released in 2013 got high reputation in various places, initially only the PC version, but at the time of writing the articleiPad versionYaPSVITA versionHas also appeared. Such a popular game is nothingLive action filmIt became obvious that the trailer was released, but finally YouTube andSteamThe main part was released free on above.

PAPERS, PLEASE - The Short Film (2018) 4K SUBS - YouTube

"1982 - Alstocca East Greestin, a six-year war with neighboring country Correias ended, an unstable peace came and the border checkpoint divided Golestin's town east and west"

A single man walking in front of a building written as "Welcome to Alstocca Greetine Border Checkpoint"

Sit down and ......

I will take out the rule book in which Alstotka's immigration control provisions are written from the drawers.

Furthermore, with a stamp to push whether to enter the country on passport ......

I will prepare a pistol for a moment of time.

In addition, I took out my pocket from my beloved family photo. I will place this on the desk and work as immigration officer will start.

Press the button ......

The shutter in front of the room will go up.

A soldier who works at a border checkpoint stands in front of you and two will give you a greeting that "Alstostaka is glorious."

After a while silence, soldiers murmuring "Elisa will come".

When the immigration officer asks "When is it?", The answer will be returned, "I can not say exactly, but what I am today is what I am." Continuously the soldier said, "Do you understand? I will definitely return this debt," leaving the room and leaving.

After speaking with the soldier, I will speak to Mike "Next" and immigration control will start.

Talking to the person who entered "document" ... ...

I will receive my passport.

In the passport ......


Facial photograph

Purpose of entry

The length of stay

...... is written on the information. Because the purpose of immigration was work, when asking for a work permit ... ...

While apologizing to the man "I'm sorry", I filed a labor permission to the examiner strangely.

If you check the work permit, the examiner will notice that the entry deadline is November 20, 1982 and the deadline has expired.

Telling that, the man said, "I will apply for it as soon as I enter the country, I am looking for work for four months, I have a family, there are no other members of my family other than me. Do you push that stamp on my passport? "

To block male words ......

The examiner pushes "Hanko of ENTRY DENIED (refusal of entry)".

A man who is falling apart and leaves the room.

While expressing an indescribable expression ......

Speak to "Mike" "Next" and continue immigration review.

Various people come to the immigration review with the respective reasons at the Gleestine border checkpoint.

An immigration inspector who decides whether to enter or refuse from the information written on the passport or from the other party's response.

If you refuse entry, red hanko

If you are permitted entry, press a green stamp.

If I refuse entry ... ...

Sometimes people ramping up appear.

A woman named "Elisa" appeared in front of an examiner who performs his own work indiscriminately. That "Elisa" that the soldier was asking at the beginning of the movie.

Although I am trying to push a stamp of entry refusal because there is no entry permit ... ...

Hands holding handkerchief will stop in the word of women 's reliance on Serge.

Then the woman talks to "I will help you", the examiner notices that this woman is "Elisa" initially asked by a soldier.

An examiner who can only point out the incompleteness of the document, "There is no entry permit."

The woman is begging to say, "All my family has died, I have only Serge!" ...

A news comes in there.

In the telegram, "the number of immigrants from Collechia has reached the maximum number of people".

"That, is it about me?"

The picture of the examiner's family is shown, but ...

I pushed "Hanko refused entry".

The woman accepts this and says "I will do this to Sergeu" and places the pendant.

Receive this ... ...

An examiner placed in front of his family's photograph.

Then the immigration review started again.

People with various passports are visiting ......

I met a man.

The story goes rapidly with this men 's immigration review, but if you are interested in the story, please check with the main movie. Because the subtitles for 22 languages ​​including Japanese are prepared for movies with the cooperation of fans, you should be able to watch casually.

The game version of "PAPERS, PLEASE" has already been reviewed at GIGAZINE. People who are interested in the game version looking at the movie version, please check the following articles.

Game "Papers, Please" game that protects your family by becoming an immigration officer and looking at passports and terrorists - GIGAZINE

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