Movie summarizing scenes that director Stephen Spielberg's work effectively uses light

Lighting in movies not only lights what you want to brighten, but also produces an atmosphere by directing light and shadows, and also determines the impression of the scene. "E. T."Jaws"Jurassic ParkKnown for such as seriesSteven SpielbergIn the director's work, scenes where lighting is symbolic are picked up and summarized in the following movies.

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In one scene of "E.T.", the silhouettes of the protagonists returning to Halloween are emerging in the evening sun.

Also the scenes where Elliott and ET who escape from the police by bicycle are backed by the setting sun.

In addition, this scene is also paired with a famous scene which symbolizes the work "E.T." That E.T. and Elliot fly in the sky for the first time back to the moon.

This is"Raiders / Lost Arc "The Cathedral"One scene of. Indians hiding behind the Nazis secretly discover ruins are emerging as silhouettes.

"Set in the Japan-China War"The empire of the sun"In the scenes below, the characters are not completely silhouette, Japanese soldiers' military uniforms and Hinomaru are floating in the orange sunset.

In addition, silhouette is born also by the light to be inserted, emphasizing the existence and relationship of the characters. For example, in the following scenes, ET and Elliott are emerging in the light that is inserted through the window.

And the scene of parting with Eliot and ET. Two silhouettes of hugs are clearly projected in the screen.

"Catch Me If You CanAt the same time, there was a scene in which the light shines on the hero like a stage play the spotlight.

Light from outside will produce a mysterious atmosphere. For example, the following image is "Encounter of unknownScenes witnessing the UFO from inside the house.

The aliens appeared from UFOs do not know what kind of face they are facing by receiving the light overflowing from UFOs.

In "Raiders / The Lost Ark" the Holy Case ", a scene that holds a staff in the ruins as it is in order to find the place of the chapel.

In "Jaws" there was a scene drawn with shark's eyes, there was a creepy scene that you can see the woman swimming with the light and the watching from underwater.

"Handled the Holocaust as a subject"List of Schindler"Is a monochrome work almost over the entire story, in particular light is used symbolically instead of color.

Artificial lights such as flashlights and spotlights are also heavily used, and the gates of the sewers on the escape route and concentration camps are clearly drawn by shadows.

"Space WarIn the alien invading the earthTripodThe silhouette of a girl emerges in the light emitted by the girl.

In "Jurassic Park", in a scene where a dinosaur emerges in the dark by a flashlight, the movements and skin of the dinosaur's eyes completely different from humans are emphasized. In the movie including director Stephen Spielberg, light is used characteristically as a directing, and when watching, it is good to see not only the story but also the lighting.

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