"Jellyfish tip" finished with jellyfish crispy becomes a future junk food and possibility to protect "resources of the sea"

A technology that transforms transparent and pulled jellyfish into a crispy state like a potato chip was developed by a research team in Denmark. this"Jellyfish tipActually it is expected that you can convert jellyfish with various nutrients to edible and it has been pointed out that it possesses the possibility of protecting the resources of the ocean whose situation has deteriorated due to damage caused by jellyfish and overfishing .

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Jellyfish Chips Are the Future of Junk Food

Fancy a jellyfish chip? | EurekAlert! Science News

There are cultures that eat jellyfish, mainly in Asia, and there are known processing methods in which edible jellyfish are soaked in salt and alum for about a week. However, a research team such as Mathias P. Clausen, a doctoral researcher (postdoctoral researcher) at the University of South Denmark, creates a new way to make soft jellyfish crispy with a high moisture content and make it easier to eat It was.

Mr. ClausenTwo-photon excitation microscopeStudied filaments (fiber texture) constituting the body of jellyfish, using the same. From that point, I found a method to change my body of pulp jellyfish to a crispy texture with a crispy texture using ethanol.

However, it was confirmed that "the jellyfish cell tissue changes by using ethanol", but that mechanism is still unknown. Clausen says, "Little is known about the cell breakdown of jellyfish, and we are not yet at the stage of perfect grasp of which structure appears in this way."

Although future research is still desired, it is hoped that it will greatly help protect marine resources by making jellyfish large-scale edible. In recent years overfishing of global fishery resources has advanced, there are situations where fish catches are unstable. In addition, due to global warming, fishery has suffered greatly due to the rise of sea temperature and acidification, even worldwide occurrence of jellyfish.

However, there is a possibility that by consolidating jellyfish, there is a possibility of filling up the marine resources that are expected to be deficient. Jellyfishes are characterized by large outbreaks in the population, so there is little worry that they are bothered by fish catches, and that they are rich in nutrients such as vitamin B12, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc. are also promising as food It is one of the points.

According to Mr. Clausen, the research team aims to advance the elucidation of the mechanism by advancing further research, and aim to advance efforts to increase the attractiveness as food.

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