The top 50 of the 2018 edition "the most innovative company in the world" announced, Nintendo is the only ranked in from Japan

Fast CompanyAnnounced the "Top 50 of the world's most innovative companies ranking" in 2018. Although it does not mention specific selection criteria, it seems that it ranks from recent activity record etc. by selecting more than 350 companies that are considered innovative from a wide range of 36 fields.

The 2018 World's Most Innovative Companies | Fast Company

◆ First place:Apple

We are developing and selling products such as "iPhone", "Macbook", "macOS", etc. It is a company that seems to be almost unknown in Japan.

◆ No. 2:Netflix

We do online DVD rental and video streaming service and have acquired many users in Japan.

◆ No. 3:Square

We are doing agency services for credit card transactions and mobile payment services.

◆ No. 4:Tencent

We provide SNS and web hosting services in China.

◆ No. 5:Amazon

It is the world's largest online shopping company.

◆ No. 6:Patagonia

We manufacture and sell outdoor equipment.

◆ No. 7:CVS Health

We are developing a drug store chain based in the United States.

◆ No. 8:The Washington Post

It is a local newspaper from Washington, D.C., USA, but it is also known for having global influence.

◆ No. 9:Spotify

We operate music streaming distribution service based in Sweden, and services are also being deployed in Japan.

◆ No. 10:NBA

He runs a male professional basketball league which is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America. The American representative of the men's basketball competing in the Olympic and other competitions are popularly nicknamed "Dream Team" because they are attracting NBA's star players.

◆ No. 11:Marvel Studios

SpidermanIt is a television / movie studio which is also known for producing movies such as.

◆ 12th place:Instagram

We operate an online photo sharing service under Facebook. It is also known that words such as 'Instant film' expressing the good appearance of posted photos were born.

◆ No. 13:Stitch Fix

Just by answering questions such as my size and preferences, I am managing a personal stylist service that AI and actual stylist pick up clothes and deliver it to my home.

◆ No. 14:SpaceX

Development and launch of rockets and spacecraftCommercial orbit transport serviceWe are doing. Ultra large rocketSucceeded the test launch of "Falcon Heavy"It is also well known.

◆ No. 15:Walmart

It is the world's largest supermarket chain headquartered in the United States, and it is the largest company in terms of sales.

◆ No. 16:Bytedance

It is an IT company based on AI technology and it is also known to operate "TopBuzz" and "BuzzVideo" in Japan.

◆ No. 17:Reliance Jio

It is a telecommunications carrier in India and has won overwhelming share of over 80% of Indian domestic 4G / LTE users.

◆ No. 18:Nintendo

It is a company developing, manufacturing and selling Japanese toys and computer games. After Nintendo's failure of "Wii U", the idea that it should originally restart as a maker of game applications was considered common sense. But do not give up selling game machines, after selling Nintendo Switch,Super Mario Odyssey"When"The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WildThe achievement which created two games which leave a name in the history of "It seems to be appreciated.

◆ No. 19Social Capital

We mainly invest in venture companies, "Slack"YammerIt is also known to have invested in.

◆ No. 20:AliveCor

We provide services such as prevention of "heart attack" using AI, support for diagnosis / treatment, and so on.

◆ 30th place:Gucci

It is an Italian fashion brand, handling bags, clothes, jewelry and so on.

◆ No. 32:Slack

We develop and operate the team communication service of the same name.

◆ No. 44:Duolingo

We are developing and managing platforms for language teaching and providing educational websites and applications.

◆ No. 50:Graduate Hotels

We operate a hotel like a university campus.

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