A painting bullet that hits the paint when hit is a movie that you can see well how to make the paint

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"Paintball"Shoots a paint bullet about 2 cm in diameter with a gas gunsurvival gameIt is a game similar to. Paintball is not familiar to me in Japan, but in the United States it is a sport that shows the popularity for the world tournament to be televised. How the paint bullets used in that paintball are made in any way,INSIDERIt is explained in the following movie by.

How Paintballs are Made - YouTube

The paint bullet is in the shape of a capsule, with paint inside. Only the material that is permitted to be used for food is used so that the capsule part is not problematic even if it is put in the mouth, first add the sweetener and the company secret food additive to a large amount of water and mix it .

In addition, it is gelatin. This gelatinBear gummyIt is the same type as used for.

Then continue to stir with a huge mixer for about 30 minutes.

Once thoroughly stir, attach the filter to the pipe and filter the capsule dough.

The filtered capsule dough will be poured into a heated container so that it does not solidify

Transfer this dough to a large blender and stir it for about 20 minutes while adding edible dyes.

On the other hand, the contents of the capsule are also made in the same factory. It is also used for cold medicine syrupPolyethylene glycolIt is made by mixing wax and pigment with a blender and diluting it.

Actually, the capsule and the blender of its contents are placed next to each other ... ...

Tubes extending from each go through the floor and are directly connected to the machines downstairs.

In the downstairs machine, the fabric of the capsule is first deformed into two kinds of thin cloth and string.

Thin fabrics are pressed in a hemispherical shape and are stitched together while filling contents.

The capsule which is made to be attached is sent downward while sticking to the string-like fabric. There is a roller under the press machine, and the capsule moves out of the straps by the rotation of the roller.

The fabric after the capsule comes off is like this.

The capsule flows over the belt conveyor ......

It is sent in a huge dryer.

The capsule will continue rolling in the dryer until it is completely dry.

When opening the lid of the dryer, a large amount of paint bullet finished rolling.

You can easily understand what the paint ball is actually like by following the movie.

This Is Paintball - YouTube

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