Range Rover Sports PHEV movies the unexplored pass road that is followed by a large staircase with 45 ° slope and 999 steps and 99 corners

In the rugged mountain "Temple Gate Mountain" at 15,00 meters above sea level in China, there are a total of 99 hairpin windings winding like licking its mountainous face, and on the hillside next to it there are stairs with a slope of 45 degrees and 999 steps leading to the sky There is a sloping road that stands next to each other. A challenge to run through such mountain roads and stairs "Dragon Challenge" (Dragon Challenge), a movie running the hybrid model "P400e" of the new range rover sports "Range Rover Sport - Dragon Challenge"Is published on Land Rover's official YouTube channel.

Range Rover Sport Dragon Challenge | One Life | Land Rover UK

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Here is Tianmen Mountain in China. The road that goes through this mountain has 99 curves that undulate like a dragon flying in the sky.

As we go through the meandering full length 11.3 km mountain path, there is a large hole empty on the rock, known as the "gate of heaven". The angle of the stairs of the slope that continues to this gate of heaven is as much as 45 degrees and the number of stairs is 999. Set in this harsh course, the "Dragon Challenge" by Range Rover Sports PHEV, P 400 e is done.

As I tried to drop the stone from the top of the staircase, the appearance of the stone would not be visible soon and the dry sound falling stone could not be immediately heard.

A man who is driving a bus going through the hairpin curve of Tenmonman for 13 years has commented on this mountain curve as follows.

"I drive carefully so that the bus speed does not exceed 40 km / h"

When the bus turns the hairpin curve, passengers on the bus raise screams of cheers.

For the Dragon Challenge, a red body plug-in hybrid car, Range Rover Sports P400e is used. The charging plug is pulled out from the car body ......

Dragon · Challenge preparation is completed.

The challenge starts, and Range Rover Sports will start at a great moment.

The driver is Chinese-type Dutchman Ho Ping Tan. Mr. Tan served as a co-owner of Jackie Chan, and has a track record of working in "Jackie Chan DC Racing", a racing team that ranked second overall in Le Mans 24 hours in 2017. In addition to the series of electric racing cars, In Formula E, it is a professional racing driver who has contracted as a driver of "Panasonic Jaguar · Racing".

We head for the sharp curve of 99 pieces of specialty of Temon gate.

Range Rover Sports running at a tremendous speed without dropping engine speed.

I will run as if sewing sharp curves drawn white on black rocks.

The whole picture of the hairpin curve looks like this. Even with a few mistakes, you can tell by one shot that the road is going to jump out, but with a tire grip and Mr. Tan 's driving technique I will go sharply.

Switching to the camera of the bird's-eye viewpoint, the complex intricate curve emerges from the green of the trees in white.

To the man of the bus driver, the Dragon Challenge told me to travel the stairs of 999 steps by 99 after the 99 curves and the impression that "It is not normal" returned.

This staircase continues to the gate of heaven 999 steps. The car which climbed this staircase is said that it is not until now.

The angle of the staircase is also 45 degrees.

You can tilt the camera at 45 degrees on the general road and realize how much angle you reproduce the slope 45 degrees.

The result of the running test which reproduced the stairs of 45 degrees carried out in the UK in advance of the Dragon · Challenge did not go to perfection and there are cases that failed.

Land Rover's special project expert Phil Jones said, "With regard to the Dragon Challenge, I can not say I'm confident with success, the most intense challenge I have ever worked on,"commentdoing.

Mr. Tan and Range Rover Sports challenge the stairs with off-road tires exchanged for the challenge.

Arrived at the landing of the stairs. A surprise voice comes from the gallery.

Returning stairs to climb back and run.

The spectators who watch the challenge are shutting their cameras all at once.

A challenge to run 999 steps of stairs through SUV of plug-in hybrid started.

A long and steep staircase follows.

The screen from the driver's seat is incredible force.

The reason why the stairway of Tianmen Mountain was chosen by this challenge is to demonstrate the combination of electric motor and gasoline engine of Range Rover Sports. The electric motor moves the car body with instantaneous torque, the gasoline engine maintains the force, the four tires catch the stairs and catch the stairs, the car body climbs the stairs.

Mr. Tan who is showing inside the car and tilting with the car body seems to have trouble driving.

The fog blisters near the top of the staircase and the red car body is wrapped in a white fog.

As the car body approached the top of the staircase, the fog became dense and completely obscured from the overhead view camera.

When the viewpoint of the camera switches to the goal point in front of the gate of the gate of the stairway paradise, ...

A red body appears in the fog, arrives at the goal, climbing up the 999 steps.

Finish the course, Mr. Tan shakes his fist several times and expresses joy. The running time of the world's first challenge of traveling through this 99 curves and 999 steps of stairs was 22 minutes 41 seconds.

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