What is the next generation watch of high originality born in the world's only "Designing a clock" university?

In SwitzerlandGeneva University of Art and DesignSo, there is only one watchmaking course in the world, and there are not so many students, but there are bachelor's degree and master's degree programs in that course. There, a new complex mechanism is created based on students' free ideas.

Dispatches: Inside The World's Only Watch Design University

At the Geneva School of Art and Design watchmaking courses, curriculums such as "Watchmaking culture" "Knowledge of watchmaking" "Complexity mechanism" "Package design" and "2D, 3D modeling" are prepared. Jean-Pierre Greff, principal, said, "Our school's program on watchmaking has been on for three years,Master's Course. Currently, four students are enrolled in the master's program. "

At Geneva School of Art and Design, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of Agenhor is doing a workshop and one of the main achievements is a clock "Carpe Diem" clocked by students Bérénice Noel and Florian Wicki. "Carpe Diem" is a clear acrylic resin ball, the whole is covered. In addition, it is said that Agenhor's movement made up of 484 parts is expanded 1.6 times.

The front part issand blastAlthough it is, the middle needle in the triangular hole indicates the time.

Student Sandra GarsaudBeechWe are designing watches for children using unusual materials such as wooden bezels using wood, rubber straps and aluminum cases. Four kinds of this watch are prepared for each age and it is becoming possible to understand what time it is somehow just by a picture depending on age, and as the age rises, an index such as a number gradually is added, It is designed to fit the age of 4 stages.

Student Iris Gigon is also studying materials of bracelets other than watches, "salmonThere is a prototype using the skin of. Gigon says, "If you use snakes or crocodile skin, problems such as animal cruelty will arise, but for edible salmon this kind of problem will not occur so it can be said to be a fair material.In addition, salmon skin has sufficient texture as a material Because of that, I think that many salmon bracelets will be on sale in the future watch industry. "

Wiederrecht of Agenhor who opens the workshop said, "When I returned to my company, I was dissatisfied with one thing, which made me realize that the creativity of our design and product leader class people is not enough They areMBAI have learned about the problem in the watch industry by opening a workshop at the university that "When you do product design and manufacturing, the background is" creativity "rather than" creativity "" It seems that "watch industry needs creativity".

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