"Kizunaai" finally appears from the virtual YouTuber to the real world as a Nendoroid

Virtual YouTuber boasting 1.5 million subscribersKizuna eyeIs NendoroidWonder Festival 2018 [Winter]It is appearing in the venue.

What was exhibited was the development of Nendoroid "good smile Company"Booth.

Virtual YouTuber fellowTeruyukiIt is on display along side by side. Teruyuki was still in the commercialization decision stage and there was not real.

It's like looking at the camera.

A headband that imaged hearts and young leaves is cute.

The prototype production is JUN (E.V.), and the production cooperation is Nendoroid. Release timing and price are undecided.

Also, not only the Nendoroid but also the "figma" series also decided to commercialize.

"Tokyo figureWe also found a scarlet eye in the booth.

The front is like this.Site of KizunaaiI faithfully reproduce the pose of reaching the front of the official image that can be seen with, etc.

Ikurie is the prototype production, and Stronger is the production cooperation. The release date and price are undecided here as well.

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